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ResMed H4i Water Chamber

ResMed H4i Water Chamber

ResMed H4i Water Chamber

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Best CPAP Machine's Humidifier

The H4i Water Chamber from ResMed is compatible with humidifiers for ResMed's S8 CPAP machines. If you want to get the most out of your H4i humidifier, you'll need the bigger and smoother Water Chamber.


The H4i water chamber is designed for ResMed S8 products and more specifically, the H4i humidifier. The water chamber will also work inside H3i humidifiers; the H3i is no longer manufactured.

Key Features

  • Detaches Easily
  • Bigger Water Chamber
  • Compatible with H4i Humidifier and S8 Machines

Reviewers Tip:

This is the water chamber ONLY. It does not come with the heated humidifier or any other ResMed accessories.

ResMed S8 Series II: Quiet Comfort


Can I wash this in a dishwasher?

No, the manufacturer advises against using the for this chamber. It might break.

How should I clean it?

At Respshop, we recommend cleaning your CPAP equipment with warm water, a non-abrasive soap, and a soft cloth. Distilled water works well but is not necessary.

Can I use this water chamber with the my HumidAire 3i station?

Yes. The H4i chamber can be used with the HumidAire 3i. You'll need to replace the top cover and top seal of the 3i with the the humidifier top cover and seall , your H4i water chamber , and this plug . Either the cleanable or traditional water tub will work on the HumidAire 3i. The HumidAire 3i water chamber will not work the docking station.

The H3i lid and seal is not compatible with the H4i humidfier water chamber.

The H4i lid and seal (26953) is compatible with the H3i water chamber.


Available Accessories

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Technical Data

  HCPCS CodeA7046
  Water Chamber Capacity390 ml
  Warranty30 days


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