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ResMed H4i CPAP Humidifier

ResMed H4i CPAP Humidifier

ResMed H4i CPAP Humidifier

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High Performance, Long Lasting CPAP Humidifier

The HumidAire H4i Heated Humidifier effectively targets most symptoms associated with sleep apnea and CPAP machines. The Humidifier will reduce your likelihood of rainout and congestion while providing you with a comfortable and relaxed night of sleep. Built with convenience in mind, ResMed designed the H4i with easy to use controls and simple operating instructions. Help yourself get a great night's sleep, and give the H4i a try.

More Humidification

Building off earlier models, ResMed's HumidAire H4i provides 30% more humidification than the H3i. Built with a larger water chamber than last model, the humidifier will now work even more efficiently.

Symptom Relief

ResMed's HumidAire offers ergonomic sleep apnea therapy. The device effectively combats a variety of sleep apnea symptoms, including rainout; dry throat; and nasal congestion, without compromising on performance.

Easy to Use

It won't take you any time at all to get your HumidAire up and running. You can fill the water chamber inside the humidifier without removing any tubing and the device is powered by ResMed's S8 and S8 II machines, so you won't need to worry about batteries or deal with hooking it up anywhere. Easy dial controls make it easy to use the device at any time of day.

Key Features

  • Small and Easy to Pack
  • 390 ml Capacity for soothing Humidifying Experience
  • Simple Controls

Reviewers Tip:

Make sure not to overfill the water, it will damage your device.


Will this humidifier work with previous series of ResMed CPAP machines?

The HumidAire H4i will only work with Series 8 devices.

I've been having trouble with water coming up the hose: any ideas why?

Turn down your temperature setting. This can happen if your water chamber is full and you've turned the temperature on too high.

How often should I be cleaning the Humidifier?

We recommend that you clean your H4i daily.


Available Accessories

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Technical Data

  HCPCS CodeE0562
  CapacityWater Chamber - 390 ml max
  Dimensions5 x 6.7 x 8.3 inches (118 x 164 x 145 mm)
  Weight1.6 lb (732g)
  WarrantyHeated Humidifier - 1 Year, Water Chamber - 90 Days
  AC Power100-240V, 50/60Hz; 110V, 400Hz; 2.5A less than 140 VA (110 W)

Item Includes

S8 Humidifier
Water Chamber - 390 ml capacity


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