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ComfortGel Blue Full Face Mask

ComfortGel Blue Full Face Mask
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ComfortGel Blue Full Face Mask
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by troy m
Date Added: Saturday 14 April, 2018
It works great. I'm glad I found this site for my products.

by Joe S
Date Added: Thursday 05 April, 2018
I am really glad I've purchased this baby. It provides me with the greatest of comfort, less hassle to put on, or take I can sleep easily with nary any leakage of air. The cushioning of the blue gel is especially soft so you can enjoy a nice sleep . I strongly recommend it to9 those with sleep apnea like myself.

by Stephen O
Date Added: Tuesday 20 March, 2018
I hate this mask. I can't get it to fit properly, it leaks like a sieve and constantly wakes me up during the night. I typically rip it off in disgust. Is there another mask you can recommend, please?

by Adam R
Date Added: Monday 12 March, 2018
This mask is horrible, I'm a CPAP user for the last 10 years. I though it was going to be great due to the blue gel, the adjustment part on the forehead comes apart easily, and the closure on the strap is difficult to snap into place, it takes me a couple minutes every night. It also leaks for me around the nose, i have to pull the straps so tight that the bridge of my nose gets so sore and aches all the next day. It's easy to imagine why this mask is so discounted.

by Tahlia S
Date Added: Saturday 03 March, 2018
I bought this for my husband and the top forehead part is making a permanent mask in his forehead. Also, it frequently leaks air. Do not buy!

by Alex G
Date Added: Wednesday 03 January, 2018
This mask is uncomfortable for a start , leaks regularly and the plastic part that joins the head part to the rest of it frequently falls apart . Any adjustment to the velcro or plastic parts you make during the night are noisy and difficult. Definitely not a mask for people who move around a lot at night which apparently I do . Cheap as masks go and you only get what you pay for.

Displaying 31 to 36 (of 54 reviews)