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ComfortGel Blue Full Face Mask

ComfortGel Blue Full Face Mask
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ComfortGel Blue Full Face Mask
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by Paul S
Date Added: Monday 02 December, 2019
I love this full face mask. I need a full face because I am a mouth breather. I reotrdered because i rolled on it and broke it, I would not have placed reorder if I didnt like it.

by Nicola B
Date Added: Monday 26 August, 2019
I did not like the mask as the straps are not the conventional type which can be used with other masks. THey look too fragile and could last no loner than three months

Nicola, I am so sorry this mask did not work for you!
Most headgear straps are only compatible with one mask. Please remember you can return any mask within 30 days. I will email you.
[email protected]

by Debby S
Date Added: Monday 15 July, 2019
I really wish you carried all the replacement parts it's a small piece for the forehead that keeps breaking and I have to buy the full mask to replace it I'm on my third mask!!! You should carry all parts not just the pads

by Diana N
Date Added: Monday 10 June, 2019
I went from the nose mask to the full mask. I have been sleeping much better.

by Mary A
Date Added: Thursday 16 May, 2019
It has been working great but, now the hose has fell off the mask where it connects in the middle and I dont know how to fix it. So I am upset with that. If you could tell me how I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you

by Robb R
Date Added: Friday 08 February, 2019
The top piece comes off really easily and Im afraid it wont last long for the money we paid for it. It leaks and breaks my face out

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 44 reviews)