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Breas Vivo 30 BiPAP with Humidifier

Breas Vivo 30 BiPAP with Humidifier

Breas Vivo 30 BiPAP with Humidifier
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by Gale T
Date Added: Monday 17 September, 2018
This machine is so Hi-Tech but yet not complicated. I feel like I am getting the best possible treatment and I love it.

Date Added: Wednesday 27 August, 2014
VIVO30 the BiLevel CPAP machine made in Sweden but is owned by GE, has all the features one needs for CSA or severe sleep disorders. It has three ventilation modes: Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP), Pressure Support Ventilation (PSV) and Pressure Control Ventilation (PCV) all in one machine. It helps me to breathe easily while asleep with their highly responsive Trigger technology.

The machine has built-in alarm clock, and an optional humidifier that keeps me from getting dry mouth, since I am using a full face mask. With this machine, I could also switch it to CPAP mode. I like the hose connection that allows my hose to swivel with movement and not get tangled up like some other machines; and that the big screen lets me read the menu without squinting.

Nice and quiet machine.

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)