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Bleep DreamPort CPAP Mask - Headgear Free

Bleep DreamPort CPAP Mask - Headgear Free

Bleep DreamPort CPAP Mask - Headgear Free
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by Shannon C
Date Added: Wednesday 22 January, 2020
I absolutely love the Bleep dreamport mask!! I have been using it for many months now!! I have severe neck problems and other masks I have tried hurt my neck. Its super light on my face and I forget Im wearing it! I sleep great and Im so thankful I found it!!

by Greg N
Date Added: Tuesday 17 September, 2019
When I first saw this mask I was skeptical. However, I decided to give this one a try, after all, it couldn’t have been much worse than all the other masks that I have tried. The first 3 to 4 days were very troublesome. I had trouble with it leaking in a few places. The worst leak was from the little connectors for the hose and the little hard plastic tubes coming from your nose. It seemed so flimsy that every time I moved my head a little bit it would come apart and start leaking really bad.

I finally called the manufacturer and talked to a guy named Stewart. He was very courteous and helpful, we did a FaceTime video and he walked me through the steps of setting it up and connecting it correctly. I found I wasn’t connecting it correctly but after talking to Stewart it works perfectly.

Since I have a deviated septum and crooked nose, I have had to wear other masks so tight they become very painful after a short while. The Bleep DreamPort solves the pain issues I was having.

by Martha G
Date Added: Monday 17 June, 2019

by Bill W
Date Added: Thursday 13 June, 2019
Very disappointed !!! The weight from the hose pulling on my nose was very uncomfortable.
Hose fitting wouldn't stay connected and was very loud and distracting. Big waste of money!!

by Janice S
Date Added: Monday 18 March, 2019
Since I am really tired of having CPAP marks on my face in the mornings from all the masks I have tried, I thought I would give this a go. SO GLAD I DID! This is also going to be great for travel since it is so small. Its a keeper!

Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 reviews)