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Airfit N30i - ResMed Nasal Mask

Airfit N30i - ResMed Nasal Mask
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Airfit N30i - ResMed Nasal Mask
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by chingyuan y
Date Added: Saturday 14 September, 2019
this mask is fit to my face and only cover small range of my face. So I wouldn't feel too much when i wear it.

by Elizabeth S
Date Added: Sunday 08 September, 2019
I love this new mask. I have struggled with getting used to my CPAP. I have tried numerous mask & was at my wits end. I feel and sleep better when I use my CPAP. This is the first mask I have used consistently. My insurance would not provide nor pay for this mask. The company I am required by my insurance to use is 1 hour from my house and does not have this mask. So, I had to purchase without any benefits from the insurance that I pay for. I am happy I did, it is working out so well. My health is improving daily. I did read other reviews before I was going to spend $$ for this and one comment which is valid sticks in my mind is that you can hear the air going through near your ears. I have Tinnitus so this is like white noise for me thus helps me sleep better. Not related directly to the mask but I am struggling with getting good evaluation from my doctor to review the air pressure and make adjustments.

by Michael L
Date Added: Wednesday 26 June, 2019
My pulmonologist recommended this mask so I tried it. Now 6 weeks later I can say, that like all masks they have pros and cons. First and probably most important, my wife loves it!! She says it is the quietest mask I have ever used and it doesn't leak as much either as I move around during the night. I found that the head gear stays in place well and agree it doesn't move as much as my Swift LT so it leaks much less. It is also light and very easy to don and doff. It is very comfortable.

What I found to be a problem is while it is quiet for my wife I find it to be like sleeping in a wind tunnel. Very noisy for the wearer especially if you are a side sleeper. At 16 cm of pressure blowing through the mask near my ears is a bit annoying. Secondly, I find it hard to clean the head piece well. All you can do is flush soapy water in and out. I use a vinegar soak then rinse it thoroughly. I feel like a salad if I don't rinse it enough.

Overall I give this system a very good rating and l

by Sue S
Date Added: Tuesday 19 February, 2019
I have been using the N30I for a few nights and I love it! This mask is very sturdy, does NOT ride up the back of my head so once I put it on it stays in place. The cushion stays sealed all through the night so again, no need to adjust it. At first I thought the cushion was leaking but discovered it was just the Vent on the cushion which is normal. This is now my go to mask and I love it!

by tim w
Date Added: Saturday 09 February, 2019
This mask is a great design from an "impressions" left in the am pov, however,
the "seal" doesn't work as well and mouth breathing was a real issue (dry mouth)
and I just didn't sleep very well and was very disappointed as I loved the idea of the mask.

by OHalloran O
Date Added: Friday 01 February, 2019

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 7 reviews)