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AirFit F30 CPAP Full Face Mask - ResMed

AirFit F30 CPAP Full Face Mask - ResMed
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AirFit F30 CPAP Full Face Mask - ResMed
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by Robert B
Date Added: Saturday 27 June, 2020
The literature boasts that this mask is great for those who wear glasses. Exactly who wears glasses to bed? I would like to know the best mask that stops/diminishes leakage for someone like myself who wears dentures!!!!!!!!!!!. The AirFit F20 I am using right now is scoring an average time in LARGE LEAK of 3 hours, 25 minutes and 18 seconds. In the past I have tried using Mirage Quattro, AirFit N20 and AirFit F30 with no success as well.

by Ken H
Date Added: Tuesday 16 June, 2020
I tried this mask for a little over a month. You really need to snug the straps to get a decent seal and then the magnetic clips tend to not hold. In addition, the hose connection piece to this mask seemed quite leaky and my wife complained about the noise. The pieces that the magnetic clips are attached to do not inspire confidence. I would question the durability of this mask. In the end I returned to the F10 and it was like revisiting an old friend. I like the concept of this mask but the execution is lacking IMHO.

by McCorkle M
Date Added: Wednesday 27 May, 2020
I like not having the mask off my nose. It was getting sensitive from my other mask. It is much more comfortable and I rest better. The nose part could use a little work, doesn't quite stay on my nose so well, but overall I am happy!

by gilda k
Date Added: Thursday 17 October, 2019
Tried for first time last night. Under-nose pillow took some getting used to; finally did, and fell asleep, but on side, woke up 2 hours later with the plastic digging into my face an hurting. Had to take it off. Am returning and going to try conventional full-face mask (only had nasal mask previously, which I liked but my nasal passages are often not clear due to allergies, so I wake up with a headache because enough air can't get through).

**Gilda, even though that mask is a favorite with some it may not work for everyone. I am glad to see you returned it to us and got something better suited to you and we hope you are getting some good sleep now!
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by Oestreich O
Date Added: Thursday 01 August, 2019
After using an F10 mask for years, I decided to try this F30 primarily out of long time frustration from trying to wear reading glasses in bed. WOW! Was I pleased w this purchase. The F30 is a little tougher to get properly situated under my nostrils, but once on (using my vanity mirror helps), this full face mask is awesome! No more issues w reading glasses not fitting, comfortable breathing through mouth or nose, easy hose connect if I must get out of bed during night. Very happy I made this investment in my comfort!

by George D
Date Added: Tuesday 26 March, 2019
I purchased this mask to use when I need a break from the Comfort Fit Blue Gel. Works well and is comfortable to wear. The only negative would be if you sleep on your side, the mask may move and/or the magnetic catch lets loose. Probably more me than the mask. I am a very restless sleeper.

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 9 reviews)