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XT Sense Travel CPAP Machine w/ Heated Humidifier
Model: SC02201

XT Sense Travel CPAP Machine w/ Heated Humidifier
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  • The free mask is not returnable or exchangeable

Easy-To-Use Compact Light Weight Travel CPAP

Able to fit in the palm of your hand, the APEX XT Sense is one of the smallest and lightest CPAP devices available for purchase, created to give sleep apnea CPAP therapy users a travel friendly machine that takes up minimal space and provides excellent therapy. While XT Sense is smaller than other CPAP machines available it still provides excellent relieve and offers functions like ramp up and leak compensation making it a high performance machine that is perfect for the on the go CPAP users who need a travel friendly companion CPAP device.

Leak Compensation

The XT Sense will notice small leaks in the mask and compensate by adjusting the pressure so that you are not negatively affected during your CPAP therapy.

Compact Design

One of the smallest CPAP machines available, the XT Sense fits in the palm of your hand and comes with a built in power supply reducing the amount of materials needed to be carried during traveling. The machine will take up less space in your travel bags, including fitting in small carry-on's, and will not be obstructive when placed on a small bed side table.

SD Card

Created to allow you easy access to your CPAP therapy information, while also providing a reliable source of transporting and sharing the information with your physicians or health care providers so that they, or you, can make whatever necessary adjustments are needed to help maximize the effectiveness of your CPAP therapy by allowing for quick changes of your settings. The user friendly interface also allows for quick changes to your settings.

Power supply already built in

No external power supply brick as it is built into the machine meaning less stuff to carry making the XT perfect for traveling. Powering the machine requires the power cord to be plugged into the wall outlet.

Free Nasal or Full Face Mask

With purchase of an APEX XT or APEX iCH Travel CPAP Machine, you get to choose between an APEX WiZARD 210 CPAP Nasal Mask (a 64.99 dollar value) or APEX WiZARD 220 CPAP Full Face Mask (a 89.99 dollar value) for increased savings!

Default Settings

  • Ramp: 10 min
  • Ramp Pressure: 3 cm H2O
  • Start Pressure: 4 cm H2O
  • Alarm: Off
  • Clock Alarm: Off

Key Features

  • Auto Altitude Adjustment - The XT will adjust to the ambient pressures and temperatures
  • Low Pressure Alarm - Alerts the user during mask leaks
  • SD Card Data Collection - Store your information for yourself and for your health care provider


Reviewers Tip:

While you don't need a power inverter to travel internationally with the APEX XT Sense, it is important to know what type of outlets are available to you in whichever country you are traveling too. The APEX XT is designed to work from 100 to 240 volts of power but the plug is designed to work on standard American outlets so you'll need an adapter that will work on different outlets. There is an outlet adapter available for sale.

Introducing the APEX XT Series Travel CPAP Machines


How do I interpret my data?

The SD Card allows for you to upload your information onto your PC so that you can read and analyze the nightly, weekly, or even monthly information. While we recommend that you go over this data with your physician, there are many different websites available where you can find guides to understanding the information that is stored on your card if you are not making regular trips to your physician.

Can I use different filters?

While the XT Sense may work with other filters, your CPAP therapy may not be as effective as it would be with the filters that are manufactured to work specifically with APEX XT CPAP machines. The filters are washable and reusable and with regular maintenance should last you up to 6 months before they need a replacement, depending on the environment in which you use your CPAP machine.


The APEX XT Sense Travel CPAP Machine adds to our versatile line-up of travel CPAP machines. Take a look at some other travel CPAP options, we @ offer.

RX Required.

SKU: 635
  HCPCS CodeE0601, E0562
  ModesCPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)
  Pressure Range4 to 20 cm H2O
  Ramp Time0 to 45 minute (@ 5-minute increments)
  Starting Ramp Pressure3 to 19 cmH20
  Dimensions5.7" Long 5.1" Wide 3.9" High
  Dimensions w Hum10" Long 6.75" Wide 5.5" High
  Weight1.76 lb
  Weight of machine with Power SupplyApproximately 2.1 lb
  Weight with Hum3.13 lbs
  Pressure ReliefYes
  Noise Level28 dBA
  Humidifier IncludedYes
  Altitude AdjustmentAuto
  Smartphone AppNo
  ColorCharcoal Gray
  Warranty2 years
  Data CardYes
  AC PowerUniversal 100v-240v (50-60Hz)
  Extra FeaturesCompatible with all Cpap masks
  • XT Sense CPAP Machine
  • Heated Humidifer
  • SD Card
  • Travel Bag
  • User Manual
  • Standard Tube
by john r Date Added: Wednesday 21 October, 2015
Still getting use to machine as I've only had it for one night, but so far I'm impressed with its light weight and user friendly display. Will be traveling for work in two weeks so looking forward to bringing this on the road.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
by Carly S Date Added: Tuesday 23 September, 2014
Purchasing my xt sense with humidifier was the best decision I have made. Very small device and never gave me problems during my travels. Made it easier for me to share all my therapy info to my care provider with the help of the sd card that way she can make whatever adjustments is needed. User friendly, and with my purchased I also got free apex wizard nasal mask. Great machine!!!!

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
by Carla M Date Added: Tuesday 19 August, 2014
I bought this machine less than a year ago and it worked perfect in every aspect. I like to travel a lot so this was the perfect size for me I can fit in my carry on bag every time I travel. The machine user friendly and easy to set up, very convenient for all my travels and I bought it with the humidifier which is very smart choice for my part. This machine is very quiet made my partner very happy never bothered his sleep at all and made my sleep very good at night at the same time. It also comes with a SD card which made it very convenient for me to share information to my health care provider so that they can make any changes needed. I can recommend for all of you that like to travel this is perfect for u to buy you will not regret it.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
by fred w Date Added: Tuesday 12 August, 2014
The purchase of the APEX Medical WT Sense Travel CPAP Machine was the best purchase I made this year. I have completed 4 family trips out of town. Now with this product it made much easier for me and my family to travel whether it was 4 hour drive to another city or a 3 hour flight to another state. The size and weight was perfect for this, made my travels this year much more convenient and easier. I recommend any one who may travel just once or just an over night stay at a local family members house, this is an item you must buy, you can't go any where with out.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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