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Traveling with Your CPAP Machine: A Comprehensive Guide
Published: Thursday 14 April, 2022

While traveling with a CPAP machine requires some extra preparation, waking up refreshed and energized to enjoy your vacation makes the extra effort worth it.

What CPAP Mask Should I Use If I Wear Dentures?
Published: Monday 21 March, 2022

If you are one of the many CPAP users who also wears dentures, I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of struggles trying to find a mask that is comfortable and actually seals... Read the a...

ResMed F Series Mask Comparison & Selection
Published: Monday 07 March, 2022

Are you also a fan of ResMed F Series Full Face CPAP Masks? This article will talk about all F Series masks and introduce all the details of the designs. Let's take a look!

What Kind of Water Can I Use for My CPAP Humidifier?
Published: Wednesday 23 February, 2022

If you use a humidifier with your CPAP machine, you probably already know that you should use distilled water to fill up the water chamber inside your humidifier. But do you know why it’s ...

Pulse Oximeters: How Do They Work and When Do They Work?
Published: Wednesday 16 February, 2022

Pulse oximeters are a useful tool for monitoring oxygen levels. However, they have their limitations and it is important to understand how to use them correctly. Hopefully, this article has ...

How to Use and Care for Your Nebulizer
Published: Friday 05 November, 2021

A nebulizer turns liquid medication into a mist using pressurized air generated by a compressor. If you’ve been prescribed nebulizer treatments by your healthcare provider, it is important...

I Have a Portable Oxygen Concentrator - Now What?
Published: Monday 04 October, 2021

What should I do if I just got my oxygen concentrator? How does the O2 machine's maintenance schedule look like? How often should I clean the filters?

CPAP Masks: A Buyer's Guide for 2021
Published: Monday 10 May, 2021

This guide covers a range of high performing CPAP masks and includes traditional style masks that have proven themselves as product leaders year after year as well as newer masks with fresh,...

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