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Articles by Lily - Registered Respiratory Therapist

How to Use and Care for Your Nebulizer
Published: Friday 05 November, 2021

A nebulizer turns liquid medication into a mist using pressurized air generated by a compressor. If you’ve been prescribed nebulizer treatments by your healthcare provider, it is important...

I Have a Portable Oxygen Concentrator - Now What?
Published: Monday 04 October, 2021

What should I do if I just got my oxygen concentrator? How does the O2 machine's maintenance schedule look like? How often should I clean the filters?

CPAP Masks: A Buyer's Guide for 2021
Published: Monday 10 May, 2021

This guide covers a range of high performing CPAP masks and includes traditional style masks that have proven themselves as product leaders year after year as well as newer masks with fresh,...

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