Best CPAP Cleaner of 2022 - Ozone Free UVC Smart Sanitizer
Published: Wednesday 16 February, 2022

It is important to know that some CPAP manufactures are now excluding warranty coverage if a CPAP has been used with an Ozone device. If you are looking to make the healthier choice as well ...

CPAP Mask/Filter/Humidifier Cleaning Tips
Published: Tuesday 11 May, 2021

A machine, mask and related accessories are essential for your CPAP therapy routine. Use the tips in this guide to make sure each piece is cleaned properly.

3 Signs Your CPAP Machine is About to Kick the Bucket
Published: Monday 08 February, 2021

3 signs that might be the signals pointing your CPAP is getting old and need to be replaced.

Equipment Cleaning: Wash Away Germs and Dirt
Published: Tuesday 31 March, 2020

Most CPAP equipment cannot go into the dishwasher or the dryer, but some products can. The manual has that guidance. Some products are listed as dishwasher safe, but the fine print says it's...

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