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Traveling with Your CPAP Machine: A Comprehensive Guide
Published: Thursday 14 April, 2022

While traveling with a CPAP machine requires some extra preparation, waking up refreshed and energized to enjoy your vacation makes the extra effort worth it.

Are CPAP Machines Covered By Insurance?
Published: Sunday 20 February, 2022

There is good news for those who suffer from sleeplessness. Generally, if you have just been diagnosed by your doctor with sleep apnea and your doctor has prescribed treatment with a CPAP ma...

7 Common CPAP Problems and Solutions
Published: Wednesday 01 December, 2021

CPAP machines are a proven, effective way to treat obstructive sleep apnea, yet are not always revered by users. Some users complain that they are cumbersome, difficult to get used to and si...

Common CPAP Side Effects & Prevention
Published: Monday 19 July, 2021

CPAP therapy for sleep apnea is generally well-tolerated, and most people find that the benefits of better sleep outweigh any side effects but event that trade-off is generally not necessary...

Which machine do I need? CPAP? APAP? BiPAP? BiPAP ASV?
Published: Thursday 13 May, 2021

Whether you are new to CPAP or have been on one for 20 years, navigating which machine is best for you can be intimidating. In this article we will review the different modes of the machines...

The History of CPAP Therapy and Machines
Published: Wednesday 12 May, 2021

The history of CPAP therapy and machines is one of continuous improvement. Given the rapid pace of technological change in the world today, we can only expect even more improvements that wil...

CPAP During Illness
Published: Wednesday 12 May, 2021

If you have a respiratory infection, though, it is best to continue to wear your CPAP mask during sleep. Since nasal congestion and airway swelling go hand and hand with many respiratory inf...

CPAP Rentals: No Risk, Lots of Reward
Published: Wednesday 12 May, 2021

Do you need a CPAP machine but are not ready to make a purchase? A CPAP machine rental is a smart alternative to buying.

CPAP Lingos
Published: Wednesday 12 May, 2021

There are a variety of basic sleep apnea and CPAP terms you should know before beginning your CPAP machine research. Here we provide a list of CPAP lingos for you to start with.

2021 CPAP Machine Buyer's Guide
Published: Wednesday 12 May, 2021

This guide covers machines ranging from an entry-level, single-mode machine to feature-rich devices that can run 365 nights a year at home and on the road.

New CPAP User Purchase Guide
Published: Thursday 15 April, 2021

NEW TO CPAP? Everything You Need to Know

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