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What CPAP Mask Should I Use If I Wear Dentures?
Published: Monday 21 March, 2022

If you are one of the many CPAP users who also wears dentures, I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of struggles trying to find a mask that is comfortable and actually seals... Read the a...

Which Philips Dream Mask is Right for You?
Published: Monday 21 March, 2022

Philips has been quickly churning out new and innovative masks within a few years. With all these new masks it can be hard to select the best one for your sleep. With our expertise in all th...

Buying a CPAP Mask Without Prescription
Published: Tuesday 22 February, 2022

CPAP masks, like CPAP machines, require a prescription for purchase. Individual mask parts do not require a prescription.

How To Fix CPAP Mask Leaks
Published: Friday 04 February, 2022

CPAP Mask leak is one of the largest complaints from CPAP users. It is noisy, disruptive, uncomfortable, and it can drastically lessen the effectiveness of your therapy. There are many thing...

CPAP Masks for Her - A Better Choice for Women with Sleep Apnea
Published: Thursday 10 June, 2021

Although sleep apnea is more common in men, women are certainly not immune. A woman's facial structure tends to differ from a man's. So, what might be a great CPAP mask for him isn't necessa...

How Adding a Chin Strap Can Improve your CPAP's Effectiveness
Published: Monday 10 May, 2021

A chinstrap is a stretchy piece of fabric that straps over the top and back of your head, down your jawline, and across your chin, like the inside straps of a bike helmet combined with rugby...

CPAP Mask Sizing Gauge Guide (Last Updated: 2021)
Published: Monday 10 May, 2021

Getting the perfect fitting CPAP Mask isn’t the easiest task. Here at respshop.com we have accumulated as many CPAP Mask Sizing Gauge PDF files as we can find for the masks we carry.

CPAP Masks: A Buyer's Guide for 2021
Published: Monday 10 May, 2021

This guide covers a range of high performing CPAP masks and includes traditional style masks that have proven themselves as product leaders year after year as well as newer masks with fresh,...

Cloth CPAP Masks: A Hidden Gem for CPAP
Published: Wednesday 03 February, 2021

Cloth masks shatter the silicone/plastic conceptions of a sleep apnea mask. They are an often-overlooked gold mine of sleep therapy solutions for people with allergies, sensitive skin, or pr...

CPAP and Facial Hair: Finding a Fit
Published: Monday 11 May, 2020

People newly diagnosed with sleep disorders are often told that they must shave to fit a CPAP mask. Although that may be the case for some individuals, it is not a universal truth.

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