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Water Chamber for XT Humidifier
Model: SH00001

Water Chamber for XT Humidifier
Water Chamber for XT Humidifier
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This part is only for the water chamber shown in the picture and does not include the humidifier base. If you are looking to purchase the entire humidifier set up you can find it on the: XT humidifier page

Water Chamber for XT Heated Humidifier

A replacement water chamber for use with the XT Heated Humidifier that is only compatible with the XT Heated Humidifier. The water chamber is easy to clean just lift the flap labeled PULL in order to gain access. It can hold up to 300ml of water.

Key Features

  • Easy to Clean - Simply use PULL flap to gain access to water chamber

  • Large Capacity - Holds up to 300ml of water

Reviewers Tip:

The humidifier contains a silicone top that is not intended for removal during cleaning. It is strongly recommended that you do not remove the silicone top as it may damage the silicone portion.

XT Series Travel CPAP Machines


How do I install the chamber?

1. Find the slot located on the chamber lid 2. Line the slot in accordance with the tab in front of the chamber base 3. Press the tab all the way through the slot 4. Place the lid downward onto the chamber base 5. When the lid proper placed and pressed down the PULL flap will snap into place.

Is this water chamber compatible with other humidifiers?

No, it is only compatible with the XT Heated Humidifier.


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