ResMed F Series Mask Comparison and Selection
  • 13 May 2022
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ResMed F Series Mask Comparison and Selection

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By Lily - Registered Respiratory Therapist

ResMed F10/F20/F30/F30i Full Face Mask Comparison

The AirFit/AirTouch F series is ResMed’s line of lightweight full face masks. These masks are less bulky than previous generation full face masks, such as the Mirage Quattro full face and the Mirage Quattro FX

AirFit/AirTouch refers to the mask cushion - the removable piece on the mask that sits over/under your nose and mouth. AirFit cushions consist of a silicone seal while AirTouch cushions consist of a memory foam seal. 

The F20 full face mask is the only mask in the series that is compatible with both the AirFit and AirTouch cushions.

AirFit F10

The AirFit F10 is the very first mask in this popular series and is available only with silicone AirFit cushions. It is 15% lighter than ResMed’s Quattro FX full face mask and contains only four parts - frame, cushion, headgear and elbow with swivel - making it easy to take apart and put together after cleaning. 

Its lightweight spring frame is designed for stability and does not obstruct your field of view. The frame comes with a four point connection for the headgear for maximal adjustment. Simply loop the headgear onto the frame and adjust the Velcro straps as needed. 

The cushion provides a comfortable seal thanks to its dual wall design and snaps in easily to the lightweight frame. In the front of the cushion, we see a ring of small exhalation ports that quietly diffuse exhaled air away from the bed partner. 

The mask is attached to your hose via the connector elbow which can be quickly released from the mask by pinching the two gray buttons on the sides of the elbow connector. 

The AirFit F10 is available in For Her/regular versions. The regular F10 comes with a standard sized blue and gray headgear and your choice of small, medium, or large silicone cushions. 

The standard headgear fits most adults and is also available in small and medium sizes. 

The F10 For Her comes with a pink and gray headgear that is slightly smaller than the standard blue/gray headgear. Cushion sizes are a bit different from the regular F10.

Instead of the large cushion, you have the option to select an extra-small cushion giving you a selection of x-small, small, and medium cushions to choose from. 

If this is your first time trying the F10, please use the F10 mask sizing template to find the best fitting cushion size for you.

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AirFit/AirTouch F20

The AirFit/AirTouch F20 is ResMed’s update on the F10. As the name suggests, you have the option to use the AirFit silicone cushion or the AirTouch memory foam cushion with this mask. 

The silicone cushion boasts an InfinitySeal™ design that comfortably fits users of all face shapes and sizes. It is designed with a soft seal around the nasal bridge to minimize red marks. 

The edges of the silicone curve inwards creating an adaptive seal which conforms to the face and prevents blow-outs at high CPAP pressures. Users who have sensitive skin will want to take a look at the AirTouch memory foam cushion which is available in the same sizes as the AirFit silicone cushions and designed to be interchangeable. 

The AirTouch cushions are made of ultra soft memory foam that contours to the face for a personalized fit. The foam is light and breathable but requires special care. The memory foam cushion cannot be submerged in water. 

Please use alcohol-free wipes such as CPAP mask wipes to clean and keep the cushion away from direct sunlight. They should be replaced at the first sign of deterioration for the best seal.

Similar to the F10, the lightweight, flexible frame comes with a four point connection to the Velcro adjustable headgear for maximum stability. The frame is also fabric-lined to increase comfort and minimize the chance of leaving unsightly red marks on the face. 

The headgear is made of soft, rolled-edge fabric with Velcro attachments on all four ends. ResMed has made mask fitting even simpler with the addition of magnetic clips to the headgear. 

All you need to do to remove the F20 is to gently pull the magnetic clips away from the frame and then slide your mask over your head. No more fiddling with the Velcro on the headgear once you’ve adjusted it!

The F20 comes with an elbow connector at the front for connection to your CPAP hose. Like the F10, the elbow connector comes with a quick release feature and 360 degrees rotation. 

Simply pinch the two white buttons to the left and right of the elbow connector to remove it from your mask frame. To reconnect, push the elbow connector back into the mask frame. There will be an audible click when fully inserted. 

The F20 is an extremely quiet mask, generating only 21 dBA of noise, thanks to its QuietAir™ diffuser vent which disperses exhaled air away from your bed partner.

The F20 is available in For Her/regular versions. The regular F10 comes with a standard sized blue and gray headgear and your choice of small, medium, or large silicone AirFit/memory foam AirTouch cushions.

The headgear is also available in small and large. However, these sizes do not come with the complete mask system and are sold separately. The F20 For Her comes with a pink and gray headgear that is slightly smaller than the standard blue/gray headgear. 

Available cushion sizes are small and medium but the large AirFit/AirTouch cushions are also compatible with the F20 For Her mask - you just need to purchase the large cushion separately. 

Like the regular F20, the AirTouch and AirFit cushions are interchangeable. Please make sure to use the F20 mask sizing template to find your best cushion size. 

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AirFit F30

The AirFit F30 is a minimalist full face mask designed for users who feel claustrophobic using traditional full face masks or run into issues with their mask causing discomfort on their nose. 

The cushion sits over the mouth and underneath the nose, opening up the top of your face. You can wear glasses with the F30, so this mask is ideal if you like to read or watch TV in bed. 

The F30 is smaller than the F20 and the F10 due to the compact cushion design so women may feel the F30 is an even better choice than the F20 For Her. 

The lightweight frame also comes with four attachment points for the headgear which can be tightened or loosened via Velcro. Like the F20, the F30 uses magnetic clips for easy fitting and comes with the same quick disconnect elbow at the front of the mask. It also uses the same QuietAir™ diffuser vent to minimize noise from exhalation.

The F30 does not have a For Her line with a smaller headgear and is not compatible with any AirTouch memory foam cushions. The headgear is one size only, and the AirTouch silicone cushions are available in small and medium. 

Medium cushions are generally a good fit for men, and small is an ideal size for women; but we recommend using ResMed’s F30 mask sizing template for most accurate sizing.

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AirFit F30i

The F30i can be described as an upgraded F30 with a top-of-head hose connection for increased freedom of movement. Users with a headboard can hang the hose over it to prevent the hose from getting tangled up in the sheets as they shift positions in bed. 

Like the F30, the minimalist cushion sits underneath the nose, opening up the upper face. The cushion attaches to a soft ribbed silicone frame which rests across the top of the head and extends down the sides of the face. 

The ribbed design keeps the frame in place and prevents it from sliding. The frame is hollow, and air travels from the elbow connector down the sides of the frame to the cushion in front. 

Like all of the masks in the F series, the F30i comes with a quick disconnect elbow that you connect your CPAP hose to. The quick disconnect elbow sits in the middle of the frame, on top of the head, and swivels 360 degrees, giving you the freedom to sleep in any position you like. 

Small exhalation ports are built into the elbow and the front of the cushion so you can sleep on your stomach without fear of blocking the exhalation ports.

The headgear features the same four point connection design as the other masks in ResMed’s F series lineup. The top two straps connect to the frame, and the bottom two straps attach to magnetic clips which snap on to the front of the cushion. The headgear is adjustable via Velcro.

The F30i, like the F20, also does not have a For Her version. However, it offers you the ability to truly personalize your mask by mixing frames and masks of different sizes. 

The silicone frame is available in small, standard, and large rather than just one size,  and the cushion comes in small, wide, small wide, and wide for a variety of face shapes. 

Like with any mask, we recommend using the mask specific sizing template to help you find your best fit. 

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