ResMed N Series Nasal CPAP Mask Selection
  • 13 May 2022
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ResMed N Series Nasal CPAP Mask Selection

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By Anh - Licensed Practical Nurse

ResMed has a very wide selection of options when it comes to CPAP/BiPAP masks. They range from Nasal Cradle/Pillows, Nasal, to Full-face options. 

The ones that I will be discussing in this article are a variety of the Nasal Cradle and Nasal masks that are carried under the N series line.

AirFit N10 Nasal CPAP Mask

The first mask I will be discussing today is the popular N10 Nasal mask. This is one of the lightest Nasal masks on the market, which is what makes it so popular. It doesn’t feel heavy when you are wearing it, which is great. 

The headgear is very soft, comfortable, and adjustable with four Velcro straps. There is a pair of soft wraps that comes with the mask to cover the portion of the mask frame that is not attached to the headgear. This helps prevent facial markings when sleeping on your side. 

The headgear is attached to the frame of the mask with magnetic clips, making it very easy to apply and remove. This mask also comes with a small flexible tube attached to the frame, which adds a little extra length to the current tubing/hose of your machine. 

The cushion is made from a hypoallergenic silicone material which is very soft and lightweight. The N10 also uses circular ventilation, which helps direct airflow from the exhalation ports in various directions away from you or your bed partner. 

This mask also comes in a For Her model which is designed to be more effective for smaller faces and noses. Please note that the frame size is the same on both models, but the cushion size is slightly smaller on the For Her model. 

The For Her comes in Pink instead of Blue. There are 3 different size options for the mask cushions: Small, Standard, and Wide.

Please make sure to refer to our sizing gauge here to help determine the correct size:

AirFit N20 Nasal Mask

The next mask on the list is the Airfit N20 Nasal mask. This is the newer version of its predecessor, the N10 mask. It has very similar features with some improvements. 

The cushion is a bit firmer to help better conform and mold to the contours of your face, but it is still made from the hypoallergenic silicone material. The firmer cushion helps better prevent leakage issues. 

The frame has been upgraded to a flexible fabric material on the side that rests against your skin for comfort. The headgear is plush and soft, so it is very comfortable around the head. 

ResMed reports that based on an internal international fitting study, this mask fits a remarkable 99% of people who try it when they find the correct size. The small tube that attaches to the frame is now removable so it can be easily washed, which is a great upgrade. 

This mask uses magnetic clips to attach the headgear to the frame for easy application and removal. The headgear has 4 points of Velcro so you can easily adjust the fit of the mask. The cushion sizes available for this mask are: Small, Medium, and Large. 

The N20 mask also comes in the For Her model, which is pink instead of blue, but the only cushion size available is Small. The N20 cushions are also available in a foam material which is called the AirTouch N20. 

This cushion is made from foam which is more comfortable on the skin and conforms better. Because this cushion is not washable, it needs to be replaced monthly. 

Please remember to use the sizing guide on our website to help determine the correct size:

AirFit N30 Nasal Cradle CPAP Mask

The Airfit N30 is a lightweight cradle style mask by ResMed that is one of the simplest masks to put on. Simply place the cushion up to your nose so that it cradles your nostrils. Then pull the straps down over your head; one strap sitting at the back of your head, and the other at the top of your head. 

ResMed came out with this option as an alternative to the pillows style which has part of the mask which sits inside the nostrils. It is a great option for patients who have issues with irritation inside the nose. 

The headgear is adjustable, which is great for when the strap starts to stretch out over time from regular wear and tear. The cushion is very soft, comfortable, and there are two small slits which sit under your nostril so that CPAP/BiPAP pressure can be applied without causing irritation to your nostrils. 

The headgear itself is very minimal, so it feels very comfortable on your head and against your skin. This mask also comes with a small tube which is attached to the frame of the mask, which will give you a bit more tube length after connecting to your main tube/hose. 

The cushions come with QuietAir vent technology that helps keep the mask nice and quiet by diffusing the air away from you on exhalation. The N30 itself is sturdy but also lightweight, which makes it a great contender in the Nasal Cradle category. The N30 mask comes in 3 sizes: Small, Medium, and Small Wide.

Please remember to refer to the sizing guide when selecting the correct size:

AirFit N30i Nasal Cradle Mask

The Airfit N30i is a nasal cradle mask designed with the tubing coming out the top of your head instead of in front of you. This design is great because it gives you the option of sleeping in multiple positions at night. 

It is an excellent mask for active sleepers like myself. I roll from side to side and sometimes sleep on my back, so this mask has a lot of versatility. The cushions are in the cradle style, so they just cup your nostrils. 

There is no part that actually sits inside the nostrils, so no need to worry about irritation. The cushion also has a small vent in the front with tiny holes, which helps quiet the air pressure which is released during exhalation. 

This helps prevent the air from blowing towards yourself or a bed partner. I would recommend this mask to anyone who is a more active sleeper and prefers the tubing to come out from the top of the head, so it is tucked out of the way the entire night. 

This mask comes in a starter pack of sizes Small and Standard. These sizes refer to the frame of the mask.

The sizing gauge for the frame can be found here:

Each starter pack comes with cushions of three sizes to help you figure out which size you need. The sizes include: Small, Medium, and Small-wide. There is a fourth size that you can purchase that does not come with the pack, which is size Wide. 

Here is the sizing gauge for the nasal cushion:

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