How Important Is My CPAP Compliance Report?
  • 11 Jun 2022
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How Important Is My CPAP Compliance Report?

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By Pam - Registered Respiratory Therapist

CPAP Compliance Report Basics

If you use CPAP, then you are aware of Compliance Reports. CPAP compliance reports are used to measure how effective your CPAP is and note how many hours a night you sleep with your CPAP machine

By letting us look with you at your report, we can understand how effective the therapy is for you. A simple fix might include changing your mask to significantly improve data results from mask leaks and noise. 

With this information you can take it to your physician, Department of Transportation visit, or even share it with your insurance company.

Your compliance report will provide very crucial information. Wearing your mask is not enough. It will not guarantee you are receiving adequate therapy. 

Being able to understand your Compliance Report will allow you to fix common problems so you continuously have optimal treatment.  

Potential problems include:

  • Taking your machine off part of the night
  • Not wearing your CPAP machine
  • Events such as central or obstructive episodes
  • Sleeping patterns that arise from using CPAP therapy. 

All these issues can show up on your compliance report and can be fixed if we know about them. All of this just from a simple report.

By understanding your compliance report, treatment, and how it affects your sleep, you can get optimal rest and decrease the risk of potential harm that occurs from daytime sleepiness. 

If you want to understand whether you are receiving optimal therapy from your CPAP machine, don’t hesitate to understand your compliance report. 

Taking time to review your report daily, weekly, or even monthly allows you to stay in control and continue optimizing your CPAP therapy!

CPAP Compliance Report FAQ

Q: What is a sleep apnea compliance report?

A: A compliance report is a summary of your sleep data, showing your usage, your mask fit, and your apneas per hour, which is important information to tell if you are compliant in your usage and optimally treated.

Q: My CPAP unit is not collecting data. What do I do?

A: Power cycle your unit by unplugging it for 30 seconds and plugging it back in. Make sure the unit is not on airplane mode.

Q: How does remote data work?

A: Remote access uses cellular connection to connect your CPAP device to airview or care orchestrator for you supplier and your Dr to look at detailed data, such as leak type, 90th percentile pressure, and AHI.

Q: How do I see my CPAP data myself?

A: You can review data on your CPAP machine, or some machines have free patient friendly apps you can download and review your own data. 

Q: How can my doctor access my CPAP information?

A: Your doctor will need access to the appropriate software and can access your unit remotely using your name, device serial number, or email. 

Q: How do I get my CPAP compliance report?

A: RespShop can have that emailed to you, or your Physician can download it directly using the appropriate software.

Q: How do I get data from my CPAP machine?

A: Depending on the machine you have, the answer will vary. Many machines are able to store the data on an SD card. Some machines have wireless capabilities and can store data on a phone app remotely, as well.

Q: I need to print out reports periodically for my doctor who does not have the software. If I send you the SD card or email you the files within the SD card, can you print out the report for me? How long would it take and how much would you charge?

A: Unfortunately, we are not able to offer this service at this time but will look into offering it in the future.

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