CPAP Mask Usage and Troubleshooting FAQ
  • 16 Jun 2022
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CPAP Mask Usage and Troubleshooting FAQ

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Q: Are your masks vented?

A: Yes, all home use CPAP masks are vented. Some hospital masks are non-vented but we do not sell them.

Q: How do I size the mask frame?

A: For each mask on our website, there is a tab called Size Gauge or Size Guide. You can use that document to help find the perfect fit. In addition, you may want to read this article on CPAP mask sizing.

Q: Do you sell the CPAP mask cushion replacement only?

A: Yes, we do. Relative parts can be found in the "parts" tab underneath the photo of the mask, when on the specific mask page.

Q: How tight should a CPAP face mask be?

A: Never tight, snug only. You should be able to put two fingers between the mask and your face.

Q: I take off my CPAP mask in my sleep. What do I do?

A: That happens and will stop with consistent, compliant use. Use in daytime hours to help with acceptance. We recommend wearing it while you watch TV in the evenings to get used to it.

Q: My CPAP mask keeps sliding up.

A: This could indicate that your headgear is either too small or too tight. In cases of minimal headgear masks, such as the Airfit P10, it also could be because there is nothing to anchor it to. Placing hair in a ponytail when possible can help to anchor the headgear in place.

Q: CPAP mask removal alarm sounds. Is this normal?

A: Typically, this occurs when there is significant air loss from the mask because you've either removed the mask or are having a significant leak. 

Q: My CPAP mask is not staying on.

A: It is probably the wrong size or style for you. Check out our mask style guide and mask sizing guide.

Q: My tube does not fit my CPAP mask.

A: Tubes are universal to all masks. There is an adapter from your previous mask stuck in the end of your tube. Pull it out. 

Q: How tight should my CPAP mask be?

A: It should never be tight but only snug. You should be able to insert two fingers between the mask and your face.

Q: Which CPAP masks work best for people who sleep on their side?

A: Those that fit correctly. To find a correct fit, see this guide

Q: Why do I drool in my CPAP mask?

A: Because your mouth opens when you are sleeping. If you do not use a full face mask, this may be indicated.

Q: How do you sleep with a full face mask with a CPAP?

A: On the edge of your pillow.

Q: Do a beard and mustache affect a CPAP mask’s effectiveness?

A: Yes, shaven skin will make the best seal. However, you don't necessarily have to shave it all off. Check out our guide to using CPAP with facial hair

Q: Do any of the CPAP machines come with a mask?

A: No, masks are a separate purchase.

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