Common CPAP Technical Issues and Solutions FAQ
  • 14 Jun 2022
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Common CPAP Technical Issues and Solutions FAQ

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Q: The pressure on my machine varies greatly and goes from loud (high wind sound) to silent. The tube connection to machine seems loose. What are my options?

A: Please ensure you have the right end of the tubing plugged into your device. There should be a chip that clicks into your device if you have a heated tube. The tube shouldn't ever be loose if clicked into the device properly.

Q: The machine is plugged in but says "check power." What do I need to do to make the machine work?

A: This is likely a power supply issue. If your device is still under warranty, feel free to file a warranty claim. If not, you can purchase a new power supply.

Q: The heat plate has been cold the last few mornings. I had turned the humidification to 2 because at 3 all of the water was gone by morning. Did turning it down, did that cause the heat plate to be off?

A: The heat plate should still be heating at 2. If the water is still evaporating, and you are not overly dried out I would not be concerned if the heating plate is cold in the morning. However, if it either too hot and evaporating all the water or completely cold and not working you may have a defective heat plate. Consider getting the device fixed under warranty.

Q: I just got my machine and love it. However, with humidifier action setting on 2, I’m running out of water after about 6 hours of sleep. Is this normal? Seems to be a fast rate of evaporation and I dread increasing the level… please advise if this is normal or if I should possibly exchange my machine?

A: Yes that can be normal. We would advise to drop to level 1 and see if that helps.

Q: My CPAP machine is too loud. What can I do?

A: If a loud device keeps you up at night, chances are you have an older unit. Modern models are whisper quiet or the equivalent to white noise. Consider upgrading to a newer machine.

Q: How do I know if my CPAP pressure is too high?

A: By having your data reviewed by a sleep technician, respiratory therapist or sleep doctor. If you are experiencing non compliance or air in your belly, your pressure may be too high.

Q: Do I need to have my CPAP calibrated when I purchase it?

A: We will set up your CPAP as per your prescription before we ship it out.

Q: How do you adjust the airflow, in other words turning it up or down?

A: Your settings are your prescription. We do not recommend deviating from your prescription without a doctor's direction.

Q: How do I make my CPAP air warmer?

A: Turn on/increase the humidity level of the humidifier (if your CPAP comes with one).

Q: I can't breathe - how do I change my pressures?

A: Your settings are based on a prescription. We do not recommend any prescription changes without a doctor's direction. Contact your sleep doctor with any pressure concerns.

Q: How can I change the pressure in an Automatic CPAP machine?

A: We strongly recommend only changing the pressure settings under the guidance of your doctor. If you have been directed by your doctor to make a change to your pressures, this can be done within the clinical menu of your machine.

Q: How do I reduce the noise on my CPAP machine?

A: Check mask and tubing connections / mask seal. Make sure the water chamber lid is closed and fully connected to the humidifier. Upgrade to a new machine after 5 years due to regular wear and tear on the motor due to regular use.

Q: Why is my CPAP machine making a humming noise?

A: Motor life may have been exceeded if older than 5 years, damage to device if dropped etc, maybe water got into the motor.

Q: Why is my CPAP mask whistling?

A: This may be a leak.  Be sure you are putting on your mask properly. If you wake to this noise, adjust your mask to fix the leak. Read more about leaks in this article

Q: Is my CPAP AC or DC?


Q: What are CPAP life expectancy hours?

A: Generally, devices should be replaced every 5 years.

Q: How long does a Resmed CPAP machine last?

A: The manufacturer suggests the CPAP be replaced every 5 years for all brands.

Q: Is there a Chinese or Japanese language option for any of the machines?

A: No. 

Q: My unit shuts down in the middle of the night. Not able to turn back on. Completely "dead.” What should I do?

A: Check to see if you have had a power outage. If not, unplug the machine from the wall for 5 seconds to power cycle. Plug back in and the machine should come back to life. If the machine is still not turning on, check your cords to make sure nothing is loose. Call your provider in the morning to see if the machine is still under warranty if the machine is still not powering on. 

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