Cloth CPAP Masks: A Hidden Gem for CPAP
  • 08 Jun 2022
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Cloth CPAP Masks: A Hidden Gem for CPAP

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Cloth masks shatter the silicone/plastic conceptions of a sleep apnea mask. They are an often-overlooked gold mine of sleep therapy solutions for people with allergies, sensitive skin, or pressure point sensitivity. 

In fact, cloth masks are a treat for anyone who just wants to sleep with a pillow of air against their face.

Silicone Free and Hypoallergenic

Q: Do you carry any masks without silicone?

A: Cloth masks we discuss here contain no silicone. 

Silicone free and hypoallergenic, cloth masks from Circadiance use an elastic material that inflates like a balloon to create a leak-free seal without any pressure points. The cloth material is made of a polyester, elastance, and nylon blend that resembles the fabric in rain gear or ski clothes. 

The breathable cloth wicks moisture from the skin, keeping your face cool and dry. And yes, it works even if you are using a humidifier. What’s more, there is no mask fogging.

The Circadiance SleepWeaver cloth cushion expands with a cloud of air using the flow from the CPAP machine. The cloth cushion molds to the user, delivering a customized, pliable fit. 

Dentures, facial hair, and a deviated septum may hinder many silicone CPAP cushions from settling into a stable fit, but a SleepWeaver cloth mask won’t. Side sleeping and stomach sleeping are also no problem. When you change positions, the mask’s inflation points adjust with you.

3 Styles of Cloth Nasal Masks

Circadiance offers three styles of cloth nasal masks:

All three SleepWeaver nasal CPAP masks have an open face design and fit loosely, using a cushion of air to seal the space between the mask and the face. The difference between the three is in the configuration of the headgear and how high or low the mask sits on the nose.

Circadiance did not forget about the mouth breather. The SleepWeaver Anew is a full face cloth mask with all the benefits of the other SleepWeaver cloth masks. The Anew even has a dual-chamber cushion, so it seals the nose and the mouth separately.

SleepWeaver Anew Soft Cloth Full Face CPAP Mask

Pressure Delivery and Design Variety

These masks offer great pressure delivery, as well. The SleepWeaver cloth nasal masks are rated for CPAP pressures of 4-20, and the full face Anew is rated for pressures of 4-30, keeping their functionality in line with other CPAP masks on the market.

Finally, cloth masks give you a choice of colors and patterns! The SleepWeaver Advance and Elan cushions are available in blue, camouflage, beige, pink, and even leopard print! Other SleepWeaver masks come in a beautiful royal blue.

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