CPAP Rentals: No Risk, All Reward
  • 11 Jun 2022
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CPAP Rentals: No Risk, All Reward

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Why Rent a CPAP

Do you need a CPAP machine but are not ready to make a purchase? A rental CPAP machine is a smart alternative to buying. 

Maybe you're going on vacation and want a more compact unit to bring along. Perhaps your CPAP machine is getting repaired, and you need a replacement CPAP on a temporary basis. 

Renting a CPAP machine is also a great way to try out the device, if you're not sure what type of equipment will work best for you. 

RespShop CPAP Rentals

Our CPAP rental program features brand new machines, and the rental period is 30 days. You can rent an automatic CPAP machine, a fixed-pressure CPAP, or a bi-level unit. 

Every machine includes new tubing and filters, and each device is hygienically sanitized before we ship it to you. The machine will also include a heated humidifier for added comfort. 

Benefits of CPAP Rentals

RespShop’s CPAP rental service is a turn-key solution to a handful of situations.

  • Try sleep therapy with no long-term commitment by renting for a month or longer.
  • Stay rested and alert, thanks to a rental device if your machine requires repairs.
  • Check out some of the newest machines available to see if one of them might make a significant improvement in your sleep therapy satisfaction.
  • Seek out a nifty rental option that might make travel simpler.

All CPAP rentals cost $89-$139 the first month and just $29-$65 per month subsequently. There are no hidden deposit costs, and RespShop pays for shipping – both ways! 

How It Works

We simply charge your credit card each month. RespShop is also happy to help you use your FSA/HSA card to cover the rental fees.

RespShop rents the most popular CPAP machines on the market. All our available rental devices can deliver therapy with AutoPAP if your prescription permits. Our rental CPAP machines all include integrated humidifiers, as well.

The CPAP machine arrives thoroughly sanitized, with new tubing and filters and a brand new water tub. All rental devices are sanitized with ozone and spend at least seven days on the shelf after disinfection before we ship them to a new customer.

When renting, you also receive full technical support from our customer service team, just as you would if you purchased a machine.

Renting does require a prescription, just as purchasing does. Simply email or fax a copy of your prescription to us. We can contact your physician as well, if you prefer. 

RespShop also offers a home sleep test. If your home sleep study indicates that you would benefit from CPAP, a licensed provider will provide you with a prescription.

Call us or visit our CPAP rental page to get started with our zero-risk rental program! 

Frequently Asked Questions about our CPAP Rentals

Q: Can I rent a CPAP short term?

A: Yes. All of our rentals have a one month minimum term and are month to month after that. You can cancel at any time.

Q: What is the minimum short term CPAP rental?

A: One month.

Q: Can I do a CPAP rental for travel?

A: Yes. Just remember that all of our rentals have a one month minimum term and you can cancel at any time.

Q: What is CPAP rental insurance?

A: Some rental monthly costs are covered by your Insurance. Usually they are rent-to-own devices. We do not offer any other insurance that can be purchased for rentals.

Q: Can I rent to own a CPAP?

A: Unfortunately, we are not able to offer this at this time.

Q: How do I return my CPAP rental?

A: You can call or e-mail us when you are ready to return, and we will e-mail you the return label.

Q: How do I rent a CPAP with a hold?

A: You can place the order either online or over the phone. The hold will be placed on your credit card and released when the machine is returned to us.

Q: How much is CPAP rental?

A: It varies based on which machine you are selecting but is generally very affordable.

Q: Can I rent a CPAP battery?

A: Unfortunately, we are not able to offer this at this time.

Q: What do I need to rent a CPAP machine?

A: You will need your doctor's Prescription and a valid credit card; we accept Visa, Visa debit, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

Q: Why can't you take a return on my CPAP machine and use it as a rental?

A: We have a fixed rental stock.

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