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Universal Cuffed Sterilizable CPAP Tubing - Grey 4ft/6ft/7ft/8ft
Model: CPG144C

Universal Cuffed Sterilizable CPAP Tubing - Grey 4ft/6ft/7ft/8ft
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Medical Grade CPAP Therapy Tubing

Medical grade tubing was designed to be durable, flexible, and can be reused for multiple CPAP therapy patients after it has been sterilized and fully cleaned. This grey tubing comes in four different sizes ranging from 48 inches up to 8 feet in length and has been tested in the most extreme conditions so that when purchased it will not be affected by the environment in which you house your CPAP machine. There are three different grades of CPAP therapy tubing, from disposable which can be used for a short term and then discard, to medical grade which can be sterilized and reused for a new patient, but is also available for in home users looking for the strongest grade of CPAP tubing.

Standardized Cuff Sizes

CPAP manufacturers have standardized all tubing, CPAP masks, and CPAP machines so that this tubing will fit with any mask or machine that you use for your sleep apnea therapy.

Key Features

  • Medical grade - Can be sterilized and reused
  • Flexible and durable - Tested in extreme conditions to provide reliability
  • Four different sizing options - From 18 inches to 8 feet to provide versatility

Reviewers Tip:

While medical grade tubing can be used for multiple patients, it should always be sterilized for a full clean before you pass it off.

Choosing the Correct Tubing Size

You should measure the distance between your CPAP machine and where you sleep during CPAP therapy, and then add an extra one to four feet to allow for freedom of movement during CPAP therapy when choosing the correct length of your tube.


What's the difference between medical grade and homecare grade tubing for CPAP therapy?

Medical grade tubing can be sterilized and reused for multiple CPAP therapy patients, while homecare grade is intended to be used by one individual. Both are made of sturdy material and will deliver excellent performance during use and you should feel comfortable purchasing either kind for your sleep apnea.

How can I effectively clean my tube, and how often should I do it?

You should be cleaning all of your CPAP equipment daily, but your tube, mask, and CPAP humidifier tub if you use one, are the most important. Calcium can build up in your tube during use, and other moisture can get stuck. There are multiple ways to clean a CPAP therapy tube, simply washing it out and hanging it up to dry is effective, but to ensure that you get all of the materials out we suggest you purchase a stainless stem CPAP tubing brush. They are available in three and a half or five feet lengths for those who use ten foot tubing during CPAP use.

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