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Universal Cuffed CPAP Tubing - Grey 1.5ft
Model: HCG140C, HCG147C

Universal Cuffed CPAP Tubing - Grey 1.5ft
Universal Cuffed CPAP Tubing - Grey 1.5ft
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Box Opening & Packaging

Coiled neatly and held in place by a rubber band, the grey colored AG Industries CPAP tubing arrives sealed and protected in plastic wrapping, ensuring safety and sanitation. Continuing to show their expertise in CPAP supplies, AG Industries has made yet another durable and well designed product.

Patient Grade CPAP Tubing

Designed to endure repetitious use, this tubing won't snap, crack or break during CPAP therapy and is very flexible, even holding form when completely twisted. While this isn't typical of how we would use this tubing, it is great piece of mind to know it can handle rough handling.

Tubing Length Options

Available in two longer than standard length (6ft is considered standard length)

Choose from CPAP tubing lengths of:

  • 1.5ft (18 inch) Grey Molded Cuff CPAP Tubing- HCG140C
  • 12ft (144 inch) Grey Molded Cuff CPAP Tubing - HCG147C

Universal CPAP Machine & CPAP Mask Compatible Tubing

Made for a universal fit, the AG Industries cuffed tubing will work with all CPAP machines, CPAP masks and other standardized fittings.

Key Features

Longer than standard tubing options and universal fitting makes this tubing a great option for those looking for longer length tubing.

  • Patient Grade - Quality & Durability
  • Multiple Lengths - Customized Therapy
  • Universal Fit - Complete Compatibility

Reviewers Tip:

Use a string or tape measure to determine the distance from the nightstand or table where the CPAP machine rests to your sleeping position. Allow for turning over and movement at night by adding a foot or two to this length.

Connecting the Tubing is Easy

Remove your old tubing from the CPAP machine or humidifier and from the connecting elbow on the mask. Firmly insert the CPAP tubing into the air port first and then connect to the mask elbow or short tube. Make sure to check all filters, cushions, headgear, water levels, etc. for replacement.


Will this work with my CPAP machine and mask?

Yes, this tubing is universal fit and works with all standardized CPAP devices.

What size should I order?

This is personal preference, I suggest to measure the distance between bed area and where the device sets.


This is identical CPAP tubing to Universal Cuffed CPAP Tubing - Cream 1.5ft/4ft/7ft/8ft except this tubing is grey in color.

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