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Transcend Universal Hose Adapter for CPAP Machines

Model: 503043
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*PLEASE NOTE: This product is NOT compatible with the Transcend 365 or Transcend 3.

Universal Tube Adapter For Transcend CPAP Machines

The Universal Hose Tubing Adapter lets you use any CPAP hose and any mask with your Transcend II CPAP Machine. This adapter is required in order to use your Transcend II with a standard CPAP tube.

Key Features

  • Attaches Easily
  • Use Any Tube with the Transcend
  • Ergonomic Design and Function

Reviewers Tip:

To give yourself the most flexibility in the tubes you use, you'll need an adapter for your Transcend II.

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Will I be able to use my Transcend with normal CPAP tubes without the adapter?

No: the adapter is needed to connect the Transcend to normal CPAP tubes.

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