Philips Trilogy Active w/PAP Exhalation Circuit, Adult

Philips Trilogy Active w/PAP Exhalation Circuit, Adult

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Trilogy Active w/PAP Exhalation Circuit for Adult

Philips Respironics Active PAP Reusable circuit for adult, one end connecting patient side mask or tracheostomy tubing and another connecting to Trilogy Ventilator 100/200.
This device is single patient use only.


Suitable with Trilogy 100 and Trilogy 200 Ventilator.

Cleaning the Active Exhalation Device

Clean the exhalation device before first use. The device should be cleaned twice a week. It should be replaced every 6 months.

  1. Disassemble the exhalation device from the patient circuit.
  2. Remove the proximal pressure line and exhalation valve line from the exhalation device. Wipe the outside of the lines with a mild detergent solution. 
  3. Dissemble the exhalation device into the 4 parts shown below.
  4. Gently wash the exhalation device parts using a cloth dampened with a solution of warm water and a mild detergent.
  5. Rinse all parts thoroughly with tap water, removing all remaining detergent.
  6. Prepare a solution of one part white vinegar to three parts distilled water. An average beginning quantity is 5oo milliters ounces vinegar to 1500 milliters distilled water. The actually amount will vary according to individual needs; however, the ratio must remain 1:3.
  7. Place the exhalation device parts in the vinegar solution, and soak them for one hour.
  8. Thoroughly rinse all parts with tap water.
  9. Place the exhalation device parts on a dry, clean towel to air dry. Do not wipe dry. If the ventilator annunciates a check circuit alarm and water droplets are visible in the lines, use a low flow air source to clear out the tubing. Dry completely before reassembling.
  10. Reassemble the exhalation device when dry. If you are not using it immediately, store in a plastic bag or dust-free area.
Model 1052064
HCPCS Code A4618

1 x Philips Trilogy Active w/PAP Exhalation Circuit

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