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HDM Z1/Z2 SlimStyle CPAP Tubing

Model: HD60-2010, HD60-2020
HDM Z1/Z2 SlimStyle CPAP Tubing
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$23.95   $16.99
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Slim Tube for Travel CPAP Machine

The 4-foot and 6-foot Slim Style Tubes are replacement tubes for HDM's Z1/Z2 travel CPAP machine. The tubes come with a 15 mm diameter, which is seven inches thinner than the standard tube size.

Thin Tube

The 15 mm tube is the thinnest tube on the market, making it optimal for travel.

Key Features

  • Makes a Good Backup or Replacement
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible

Reviewers Tip:

Product is only compatible with Z1 products.

Introducing the Z1 Travel CPAP Machine with PowerShell and Overnight Battery!


What is the advantage to the 15 mm tube?

The biggest positive is that its travel friendly. The entire Z1 system is designed to be the top travel CPAP machine on the market, and the thin tube is designed to fit easily into any travel bag.


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