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Fisher & Paykel ThermoSmart Tubing for 600 Series

Model: 900HC522
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Heated Hose for Fisher and Paykel CPAP Machines

Introducing the Thermosmart Heated Hose, the CPAP hose for Fisher and Paykel's 600 Series continuous positive airway pressure machines. The heated hose is a high performance and comfortable CPAP hose that will help you get the sleep you deserve.

Reduces CPAP Symptoms

Ever had rainout, or woken up with nasal congestion or drymouth? If you use a CPAP machine without a humidifier, you've probably felt these symptoms. To get the best night's rest without all of the side effects, you'll need humidification. For optimal humidification, you'll want the very best hose. The Thermosmart is Fisher & Paykel's solution for CPAP symptoms: the heated tube lets warm air flow into your machine all night long. The tube is long lasting and will help you get the best out of your sleep apnea therapy.


The Thermosmart Heated Hose is compatible with Fisher & Paykel 600 Series CPAP machines only, and will not work with any ResMed, Respironics, or DeVilbiss equipment.

Replacement Hose

Hoses get broken or worn out from time to time, and over the life of your CPAP mask, you will probably need to replace your hose at least once. Unremovable bacteria will eventually clog the hose, and once that happens, you'll want to get your replacement.

Key Features

  • Heated Tube
  • Narrow
  • Lightweight and Easy to Carry

Reviewers Tip:

Be sure to clean this tube regularly: It works great, but removing bacteria can get tricky if you don't stay on top of the maintenance.


How should I clean my heating tube?

At Respshop, we generally don't recommend putting products into washing machines or dishwashers. We find that washing them with warm water, a non-abrasive soap, and a soft cloth helps keep the item from fraying or coming apart while still cleaning it effectively.

How long is the tube?

74 inches.


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