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Sleep 8 Protective Soft Travel Case

Sleep 8 Protective Soft Travel Case
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Protective Soft Case for the Sleep 8 CPAP Sanitizer

Are you ready for your next big adventure? Not if you don't have this case for your Sleep 8! Perfect to fit along with your travel packing cubes, this travel case is compact and sturdy enough to keep your favorite CPAP sanitizing equipment in place the whole trip long.

Soft but Hardy

This travel-ready case can handle it's own. With a soft fabric covering the outer shell and a harder interior, this case case protect your CPAP cleaning investment for years to come. Sporting a double zipper closing system, a soft grip handle, and an embossed outer shell, Sleep 8 has truly thought of everything for this case.

Form-Fitted Custom Case

Inside the case you will find a perfectly fitted interior to keep your Sleep 8 and accessories in place for your entire trip. Handy labels even tell you what to place and where in order to keep everything organized. (Never guess again if you fit everything in correctly again.)

*Sleep8 is sold separately from the Travel Case.

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