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ResMed S9 Wireless Module

ResMed S9 Wireless Module

Model: 36930
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ResMed S9 Wireless Module for Healthcare Professional Data Collection

The ResMed S9 Wireless Module was designed to attach to your ResMed S9 CPAP machine so that it can automatically update your CPAP therapy information to your healthcare provider. Eliminates the need for an SD card as the information will be sent to your doctor or healthcare provider so they can analyze the information for you. Designed as a substitute for your SD card, the S9 Wireless Module reduces the need for frequent doctor visits and makes sharing your sleep apnea data easy and quick.

Uploading your Data

The ResMed S9 Wireless Module will be automatically programmed to upload your data from your ResMed S9 CPAP Machine at the same time every day. The information will be automatically transmitted to a server that can then be accessed by your healthcare provider or a healthcare professional through the internet.

Changing your Settings

The ResMed S9 Wireless Module will receive whatever necessary changes your doctor may recommend based off their analysis of your sleep apnea therapy information.

Key Features

  • Automatic Upload - Your information will be sent to a central server at the same time every day and can be easily accessed by a healthcare professional online
  • SD Card Substitute - Requires less doctor visits as all of your information can be stored and found on the internet
  • CPAP Therapy Changes - Will automatically receive your doctors instructions on any necessary changes to your sleep apnea therapy

Reviewers Tip:

There are several different indicators on your S9 Wireless Module that will tell you if your machine is working incorrectly or not turned on. If the LED screen is flashing quickly, your module cannot connect with your S9 device. You should remove the module and then reattach.

If the LED is not lit up, your module may not be properly connected or your S9 machine is not turned on. Reattach the module to the device. If the problem persists contact your doctor.

Installing your S9 Wireless Module

  1. Make sure your S9 CPAP Machine is disconnected from the power outlet
  2. Attach the corresponding S9 Wireless Module clips to the sockets and push the module into place. Listen for a click to ensure that the module is attached correctly.
  3. Connect the S9 Machine to the power outlet. If installed correctly the S9 Wireless Module will blink slowly.


Where is the information uploaded to?

The information will be transmitted to EasyCare online every day at the same time, and can be accessed by your healthcare provider or doctor.

What are the benefits of having this module over an SD card?

A wireless module stores all of your data on a central server, and can be accessed remotely. This lessens the need for frequent user visits to a doctor. Your doctor can analyze the data and make necessary changes such as updating the pressure of your S9 CPAP machine to improve the performance of your sleep apnea therapy.


  • ResMed S9 Machines

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Model 36930
HCPCS Code E1399
  Dimensions 39.60 mm x 54.10 mm x 125.0 mm
  Weight < 100 g
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I have a S9 and was hoping to purchase a wireless module for it. Is this something that I need to go through my DME company to purchase or can I purchase it directly? Thank you for any assistance or direction.

Shawn Hase
Happy CPAP user (Asked on 05/27/2021)
Check with your DME.
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