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ResMed ResScan Smart Card Reader for S8 Series CPAPs

ResMed ResScan Smart Card Reader for S8 Series CPAPs


Card Reader for ResMed S8 CPAP Machines

The ResMed ResScan Smart Card Reader for S8 machines can download information from ResScan smart cards, which enables you to access all sleep apnea data you have accumulated.

User Instructions

Installing The ResScan Data Card Reader Driver
The ResScan Data Card Reader driver is included on the ResMed software installation CD.  Insert the CD that you received with your software.  The last screen that appears after the installation of the software will instruct you on how to install the driver: Print out the instructions and follow the Wizard.  Connect the reader to your computer when instructed.  You can check the installation and configure the driver through the Card Reader Properties screen at Start menu/ Settings/ Control Panel/ System/ Hardware/ Device Manager/ Smart card readers.

Attaching The ResScan Data Card Reader
The Data Card Reader is connected to the computer with a USB connector.  Once the connection is made, the Data Card Reader flashes slowly when it is powered up and on standby.  The LED lights up when the ResScan Data Card is inserted and flashes quickly when communicating with the Data Card.

Inserting The ResScan Data Card
Insert the Data Card into the reader with the gold contacts facing up.

Key Features

  • Scans Quickly
  • Portable
  • Access Your Data Anywhere

Reviewers Tip:

The Smart Card reader is only compatible with S8 machines, and will not work on S9 designs or on products made by other companies.
ReScan Download

ResMed S8 Series II: Internal Design


Does this come with an SD card?

No, this is the Smart Card Reader only.


Available Accessories

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