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Medili USB SD Card Reader

Model: USB-Reader
Medili USB SD Card Reader Medili USB SD Card Reader Medili USB SD Card Reader
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Mini USB 2.0/Micro USB SD Card Reader

This is the USB 2.0 SD (Secure Digital) card reader for CPAP machines that use a SD card to store your data. The card reader is ideal for users who have a machine that uses a card reader, but don't have a computer with an SD card slot. The CPAP card reader is compatible with all ResMed and Respironics machines and SD cards.


The CPAP card reader is compatible with both ResMed and Respironics SD cards. Respironics and ResMed make their own SD card, so depending on which manufacturer made your CPAP, you will need to acquire the proper card.

Key Features

  • Small and Portable
  • Easy to Use
  • Convenient Setup
  • USB 2.0 SD Plug and Micro USB Plug in one

Reviewers Tip:

The card reader is also beneficial for users who travel frequently or those who want to access their data on the road without a computer.

Operating Instructions

To use the CPAP card reader software, open the top latch. Then, insert the card into the slot designed to accomodate the card. Close the lid to use.


Can I use this card reader for applications other than my CPAP?

Yes, this is a generic reader. It can read information not associated with sleep apnea therapy.

Does this come with an SD card?

No, SD cards must be purchased separately.

Does the card reader come with any machines?

No, the card reader must be bought separately from all machines.


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