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Respironics Actiwatch Spectrum Watchband kit

Model: 1048135
Respironics Actiwatch Spectrum Watchband kit
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For Reference Only

WristBand Kit

Performs Like a Standard Wristwatch

The watchband comes with all the standard features.


Key Features

  • Aesthetic Black Trim
  • Fits Nearly All Wrist Sizes
  • Reliable Measurements

Reviewers Tip:

The perfect wrist watch to wear all day - and all night - long!


Does the watchband kit work with any Actiwatch models?

The watchband is suitable for the Actiwatch 2 and Actiwatch Spectrum models.

Will my watch know if I'm not wearing the device, or will it try to collect information even if I'm not using it?

The Actiwatch Spectrum has software that indicates when it is being used, so no, it will not collect misleading data if you leave it off for a night.


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