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ResMed ResScan USB Adapter

Model: 22203
ResMed ResScan USB Adapter
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ResScan USB Adapter

This is the ResScan USB Adapter for ResMed s8 and S8 II Series Machines. The package includes a USB Cable and a ResScan Adapter with a USB Port. To use, simply connect the adapter to the back of any S8 machine. Then, connect the machine to an open USB port on any Windows PC. From there, you'll be able to download your therapy dataonto the computer.

S8 Machines

The S8 line of CPAP machines was unveiled by ResMed in 2005. The award winning line included several different devices, many of which remain in use today. For patients wishing to upload their sleep therapy information onto their Windows personal computer, the USB adapter will enable them to seamlessly transfer their data from the device to the CPU.

Versatile Adapter

The ResScan USB Adapter is compatible with machines from both the S8 line and S8 II line of CPAP machines from ResMed.

Key Features

  • Compatible with all S8 Machines
  • Comes with USB Cable, Port, and Adapter
  • Quick and Easy to Use

Reviewers Tip:

The ResScan Adapter does not include ResScan Software, a Smart Card, or a ResScan Card Reader.

ResMed S8 Series II: Internal Design


Is this adapter compatible with later ResMed models?

ResMed built a new adapter for their S9 and AirSense series. This one is just for the S8 machines.



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