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DeVilbiss SmartLink IntelliPAP Data SD Card Reader

Model: DV5CR
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DeVilbiss Therapy Management SmartLink Data Card Reader

Allowing you to upload the data from your CPAP therapy, this SmartLink Data card reader can be connected to any USB port to help you or your healthcare professional manage your sleep apnea data. Your efficacy data will be uploaded to the SmartLink software immediately allowing for instantaneous analysis of your sleep apnea therapy. The Memory Card and SmartLink Module can be purchased as a bundle, the Software can be purchased separately. The whole bundle is also available.

Key Features

  • Easy to read PDF Format - Allows for easy tracking and a lengthy history, allowing for your physician to change your pressure settings if need be
  • Instantaneous Data - Access your data immediately to start tracking the effectiveness of your therapy
  • USB Port - SmartLink software will work with any PC
Reviewers Tip:

I analyze my data on a nightly basis allowing for me to make the necessary changes to my mask or any other part of my sleep apnea therapy set up to help reduce leaks amongst other side effects of sleep apnea therapy. You can also find some webinars about sleep on the DeVilbiss website that will allow you to better understand some of the information you get from your readings if you are not regularly bringing in the information to your doctors.

How to?

Check back for how to use the SmartLink Data retrieval hardware video


How am I supposed to interpret my data?

The information that your SmartLink records can be given to your physical or a clinician who can help you with interpreting your data to understand your results. However you can do your own research on sleep apnea through many different search engines that will help further you knowledge and allow you to analyze your own data without the help of a professional.

Does the data card reader come with a SmartLink card?

No, this is only the reader, data cards have to be purchased separately.

Can I purchase the module and software anywhere?

Yes, we have both the SmartLink Module with Data Card and the SmartLink Software available for sale.


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