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Sunset Healthcare Breas iSleep 20 Series Filters

Model: CF7003
Sunset Healthcare Breas iSleep 20 Series Filters
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Filter Replacement for iSleep 20 Series

This is the replacement filter for the Breas 20 series line of iSleep CPAP machines. The filters come in a pack of two and can be changed quickly and conveniently. Change your filter whenever the old one appears discolored.

Key Features

  • 2 Pack of Filters
  • Easy to Attach
  • Ergonomic Replacements

Reviewers Tip:

For optimal hygiene, you'll want to replace your filters every six months or so. Filters help prevent debris from entering into your CPAP, but over time, they gradually lose their ability to block everything, which can compromise the quality of your sleep apnea therapy.

Changing your Breas iSleep CPAP Filters


Are these filters compatible with other Breas products?

No, these are meant for the iSleep line only.


SKU: 800