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ResMed S7 Series and VPAP III Filters
Model: 30919, 30907, 30908

ResMed S7 Series and VPAP III Filters
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No Prescription Required

Disposable Filters for CPAP Filters

These are replacement filters for the ResMed S7 Series and VPAP III machines. Filters help to keep dust and other floating debris from entering your mask and machine while you sleep, and clean filters are vital for quality sleep apnea therapy.

Three Different Packs

The filters come in packs of three different sizes: 1 per pack, 3 per pack, and 50 per pack.

Key Features

  • Easy to Insert
  • Functional Filters
  • Buy in Bulk!

Reviewers Tip:

If you're using your CPAP regularly, you'll want to make sure you always have plenty of spare filters on hand.

Changing Your CPAP Filters


Why do I need to replace cleanable filters?

Some particles cannot be removed from filters, even with regular cleaning.


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