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ResMed S8 Hypo-allergenic Filters
Model: 33975, 33976, 33922

ResMed S8 Hypo-allergenic Filters
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Available Options:

No Prescription Required

The ResMed S8 Hypo-allergenic Filter comes in a pack of 2, 12, or 50. The filters help to clean air from around the room as it enters your CPAP or Bilevel machine, giving you the cleanest air possible for your sleep apnea therapy needs.

Dual-Sided Filter

The filter has two sides of material. On one side, the fabric blocks fine particles from entering into your tube and on the other, a more robust fabric targets larger matter, such as bugs or fuzz.

Key Features

  • Must Have for Patients with Allergies
  • Blocks Particulate Matter of All Sizes

Reviewers Tip:

When replacing old filters, be sure to have the white side facing in.

How to Exchange Filters Tutorial


How many filters do I get per pack?

You can choose whether you want 2, 12, or 50 filters.


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