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DeVilbiss Washable Foam Pollen CPAP Filters for IntelliPAP

Model: DV51D-626
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No Prescription Required

Washable Foam Pollen Filter for CPAP Machine

The Washable Foam Pollen Filter from DeVilbiss comes in a pack of two. The filters help to keep dust and debris out of your CPAP machine, a vital part of any hygenic sleep apnea therapy program. The filters themselves are washable, though they shouldn't be thrown in a dishwasher or washing machine.

Key Features

  • Pack of Two
  • Washable
  • Ergonomic Filtration

Reviewers Tip:

To wash the filter properly, wash with a soft cloth, a non-abrasive soap, and a dash of warm water.

IntelliPAP Instructional Video


Why would I need to purchase a replacement filter?

Filters have a life of about 3-6 months. Even the filters that are washable have particles that are difficult to remove, and those filters will eventually need to be replaced.

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