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AG Industries Reusable Foam Filter for Breas VIVO 30 40 50 BiPAP Machine

Model: AG003563MED
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No Prescription Required

Reusable Foam Filters for Vivo BiPAP Machines

This is a pack of two cleanable foam filters compatible with the Breas VIvo 30, 40, and 50 BiPAP Machines. These filters protect you from dust, pollen, and debris, as they prevent these particles from impacting your BiPAP therapy.

Key Features

  • Compatible with Three Different Machines
  • Small, Easy to Insert Filters
  • Cleanable Filters

Reviewers Tip:

To clean these filters, wash them by hand with warm water, a non-abrasive soap, and a soft cloth. Do not wash them in a dishwasher and do not dry them in a dryer.

Breas Vivo 40 BiPAP ST


  • How long should the filters last before they need to be replaced?
    • These filters should last for several months. Until they appear discolored, they should be fine to use.
  • Why do I need to wash my filters?
    • Filters need to be washed because over time, debris and particles can accumulate and mitigate the effects of your therapy.


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