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SoClean Injection Hose

Model: PN1104.12
SoClean Injection Hose
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SoClean Injection Hose

The Injection Hose for the SoClean sanitation devices is intended for users using a SoClean device with a CPAP humidifier. The hose is intended to attach from the tubing of the SoClean to your humidifier's water chamber. This hose is intended to be a replacement for the connection hose that originally came with your machine.


The Injection Hose is compatible with every machine in Better Rest Solutions' SoClean series, including the SoClean II CPAP Sanitizer. It is also built to function with a variety of different CPAP humidifiers.

Tubular Design

This latex free hose is twelve inches long, more than enough distance to adequately connect the humidifier to the SoClean.

Key Features

  • Replacement Part, Attaches Easily
  • Compatible with All SoClean Devices
  • Tube is One Foot Long
Reviewers Tip:

The inside of the tube will naturally be cleaned by the SoClean device, meaning you won't have to wash it specially.

SoClean Injection Hose Instructions



Will this work with Respironics humidifiers?

This particular tubular attachment is intended for use with all humidifiers.

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