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SoClean Injection Fitting - For Use Without Humidifier

SoClean Injection Fitting - For Use Without Humidifier

Model: PN1116
For Reference Only

SoClean Injection Fitting Without Humidifier

The Injection Fitting for the SoClean Series is a durable replacement part designed to help connect your SoClean device to your CPAP machine. Unlike the standard injection fitting, this one does not require connection to your machine's heated humidifier. Instead, the fitting part will connect directly to your machine, allowing your SoClean to give your equipment a quick and hygienic cleansing. The injection fitting attaches quickly and does not need to be replaced regularly.


This part is compatible with all cleaning devices in Better Rest Solutions' SoClean series, including the SoClean. The piece is compatible with every CPAP machine, as it is intended to fit where your mask tubing connects to the device.

Key Features

  • Attaches to any CPAP Machine
  • Compatible with all SoClean Devices
  • Designed for Use without Humidifier

Reviewers Tip:

This particular part is ideal for users who do not use a humidifier during CPAP therapy: there is a separate part designed to attach with a humidifier for users who do use humidification during therapy.


Can I attach this to my humidifier?

No, the connector port is built to attach to a CPAP machine, and not to a humidifier.


Available Accessories

Model PN1116
HCPCS Code E1399
  Weight 3.2 oz
  Warranty 30-Day Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
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So I ordered this part to put on my ResMed AirSense 10 cpap, and the part does not fit the opening in the back of the machine. The back of the machine has pins that plug into the tubing. Is there another part for this type of cpap? I really want to use my SoClean unit without having the humidifier connected on the cpap. Please advise. (Asked on 05/21/2021)

This should fit directly in the circular slot in the device. It is the same size a standard mask tubing, so it will fit in any opening that fits a standard tube - this includes the AirSense 10. You want to use the smaller end.

The pins are only for heated tubing, but the device still accepts standard tubing.
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