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SoClean Injection Fitting - For Use With Humidifier

Model: PN1106
SKU: 917

SoClean Injection Fitting - For Use With Humidifier

Model: PN1106

  • No Prescription Required

Replacement Injection Fitting for SoClean

This is the replacement fitting that connects your SoClean device to your CPAP machine. The connection port is meant to seamlessly attach the SoClean to your device with just a simple snap. As a direct replacement, this port will connect to your machine and SoClean seamlessly. It is compatible with every SoClean model.

Key Features

  • Lightweight Attachment
  • Easy to Operate
  • Effective and Durable Part

Reviewers Tip:

Breaking the plastic of the connector port will cause the SoClean to leak, rendering it ineffective. For proper use, the connector port must remain completely intact.

Hygienic Therapy With SoClean Technology


Will this port work with all CPAP machines?

Yes, the SoClean injection fitting is compatible with all CPAP devices.

Can I wash any mask in the SoClean?

Yes, the SoClean itself is built to handle nasal, nasal pillow, and full face masks.

Is this the SoClean?

No, this is just the injection fitting, which attaches the SoClean to your CPAP device. The SoClean is available separately.



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SKU: 917