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SoClean CPAP Adapter for Transcend & Z1 CPAP

Model: PNA1213
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The SoClean adapters for Transcend and HDM Z1 CPAPs. 

Compatible to SoClean2, SoClean, SoClean 2 Go.

Installing your Transcend/Z1 Adapter

  1. Remove the hose form your Transcend or Z1 device.
  2. Install the Transcend/Z1 SoClean adapter onto the CPAP hose.
  3. connect the SoClean injection hose to the Transcend/Z1 SoClean adapter.
  4. Place mask into SoClean chamber or SoClean 2 Go sanitaizing bag and run sanitizing cycle.
  5. Once the sanitizing cycle is complete and you are ready to use your Transcend or Z1 CPAP please remove the Transcend/Z1 SoClean adapter from your CPAP hose and reconnect your CPAP hose to the CPAP device.

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