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3B Medical Lumin Bullet UV CPAP Hose Cleaner

Model: LM4000
3B Medical Lumin Bullet UV CPAP Hose Cleaner 3B Medical Lumin Bullet UV CPAP Hose Cleaner 3B Medical Lumin Bullet UV CPAP Hose Cleaner 3B Medical Lumin Bullet UV CPAP Hose Cleaner 3B Medical Lumin Bullet UV CPAP Hose Cleaner
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No Prescription Required

E is for Effortless

A clean tube is a long lasting tube. Which is why your tube paired with the Lumin Bullet will be the best thing to ever happen! 3B Medicals Lumin Bullet is here to help extend your CPAP tube's lifespan but also get rid of all the dangers hiding in the tube that even daily cleaning cannot get to. What's more, cleaning with the Lumin Bullet is a breeze meaning you will no longer need to wait half the day for your tube to dry. All it takes is 2 minutes of your day and it's ready to be used. 

Long Lasting Charge
At a fully charged state, the Lumin Bullet is capable of up to 30 days of usage. With 30 days off of one charge you are getting 30 days of worry free cleaning or scrambling to recharge your Lumin Bullet in order to clean your tube. Also, one thing to keep in mind is that it doesn't have to be fully charged to take advantage of it's cleaning ability, as the Lumin device will operate mid-charge or even at low-charge. Charging is also a breeze, all you need to do is plug in the USB cord located In the rear and plug it into a power source to charge. When the bullet displays a red glow this signifies that it is charging, once a green light emits then you are fully charged and ready to go. 

Safety First 
Most companies opted for Ozone property to be their choice for cleaning CPAP equipment whereas 3B Medical went the direction most of the health industry uses which is UV Light. With UV Light, you're being ushered away from respiratory infections and coughs, not to mention unwanted chest pains.  UV light is powerful enough to destroy bacteria, pathogens and biofilm formation in under 60 seconds, something which soap, water and vinegar alone cannot do. The biggest plus of them all?  There is absolutely no mess that needs to cleaned up. 

 How it works

Cleaning is simple;  insert the sanitising probe into the hose and close the Lumin Bullet casing with the tube in between. Once the casing is closed, the magnets in the casing will pick up the probe you will glide it through the tube until you reach the other end. Just be sure to be gentle during this process and take some time so that it thoroughly disinfects the tube leaing no germs behind.




The Lumin Bullet has a great compatibility list of hoses it can clean however there are a few on the market that it will simply not work for. These tubes listed below will not work with the Lumin Bullet.

  • AirSense 10 ClimateLine Air Heated Tube
  • AirSense 10 ClimateLine Air Oxy Heated Tube
  • DreamStation Go 12mm Micro Tubing

  • Sanitizes under 2 minutes
  • No Ozone, chemicals 
  • Safe and effective sanitation
  • One charge is good up to up to 30 cleaning cycles
  • Compatible with most hoses

See what our customers have to say


​​​Sam J
"I had originally purchased the Lumin and was very pleased with it except it would not clean my tube. I decided to purchase the Bullet when it came out and I am glad I did. I used to get water everywhere when I cleaned my tube. This has been a great addition to my Lumin and glad I have it. All you need to do is pull the tube through the Bullet which takes about 30 seconds going one way and 30 seconds going the other way and that is it. Thanks Lumin

Tasha L
"I was so excited to see a cpap sanitizer that was not utilizing ozone. Found it in the Lumin and love it! This baby is fast and does not need to be tethered to my cpap machine. I can leave this in my bathroom and use it to sanitize my cpap equipment AND other items as well. The best thing is it only takes 5 minutes, long enough for me to take a quick shower while it does its thing. It apparently can also sanitize your toothbrush, glasses and even your cell phone although I have not done this yet but love that option. I had tried an ozone cleaner in the past and sent it back, could not stand the smell and it turned my mask yellow after 3 uses. The Lumin is super easy to use out of the box, pop in the bulb, plug machine in, put your equipment in drawer push start, super easy. The only downfall is this machine will NOT clean your tube since the UV light has to touch the area to be sanitized but Lumin has come out with a fix for that called the Bullet which I also got. You simply pull the tube through the bullet, it takes about 60 seconds so also very easy to use. The Bullet has a magnetic wand in the tube and the wand goes into your tube, word of caution, the wand has a glass tip so if you drop it on the floor it will break so be careful! The instructions also say not to use around water. I store the Bullet in the Lumin drawer when NOT in use. I give the Lumin 5 stars because I hate cleaning my equipment as I usually end up soaked myself so I really do love this machine! *5 stars for sure"

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