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Sunset Healthcare Ruby Style Chin Strap

Model: CS007S, CS007M, CS007L
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$40.00   $19.00

No Prescription Required

Box Opening & Packaging

Sunset Healthcare has packaged this ruby style chinstrap in a sanitary plastic bag that includes instructions for both putting on the chin strap as well as for cleaning it.

A Very Secure and Comfortable Chin Strap

Providing users with a variety of dependable chin straps, Sunset Healthcare has developed a secure fitting chin strap, in a comfortable and unique design. The material used is neoprene for a soft, flexible fit and uses no Velcro at all. I was suprised how snug and secure it feels when on.

Great for Nasal and Nasal Pillow Users

This headgear was made specifically with the Nasal and Nasal Pillow user in mind. This full head style chin strap prevents users from opening the mouth during CPAP therapy.

Key Features

A generous sized chin strap cup allows for even the largest of chins to fit properly in the chin strap. The overall elastic and neoprene material allows the chin strap to retain the elasticity and shape.

  • Strechable material keeps form, shape and elasticity.
  • Keeps the mouth closed for Nasal and Nasasl Pillow users.
  • Latex Free

Reviewers Tip:

Make sure to put the chin strap on prior to fitting the mask. This helps to ensure a proper fit and seal.

Sunset Ruby Style Chin Strap Sizing Chart

Measure from chin to top of head and back down.

  • Small (CS007S) - 24 - 28 in
  • Medium (CS007M) - 29 - 31 in
  • Large (CS007L) - 32 - 36 in

Measurements from chin to top of head:
  • Small (CS007S) - Under 9"
  • Medium (CS007M) - 9" - 10 3/4"
  • Large (CS007L) - Over 11"


How do I clean the chin strap?

This chin strap is not machine washable or dryer safe. To wash use a mild soap under warm water weekly and lay out flat to dry.

How do I put on the chin strap?

Make sure to put on the chin strap before putting on your CPAP mask and headgear. Place the chin strap cup close to the chin and hold in place, pull up to stretch the straps overhead. You will know if you put the chin strap on correctly if the SUNSET tag is facing out and is located at the back of the neck. Note: The thin strap should be on top.


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by Polen M Date Added: Tuesday 28 October, 2014

I sleep with my mouth open so I purchased the sunset healthcare Ruby style chin strap and it has been and I can say that is an excellent chin strap. Very soft and flexible fit and uses no velcro at all. Its very comfortable and kept my mouth closed really well when using my nasal mask during my therapy . I usually wash it every morning with warm water and mild soap. So easy to care for

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