Knightsbridge PREMIUM Dual Band Chin Strap for CPAP Therapy

Only 1 Available in Black Medium 

Knightsbridge PREMIUM Dual Band Chin Strap for CPAP Therapy

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Only 1 Available in Black Medium 

Key Features:

  • Light, Breathable Three-Layer Construction for stability and comfort
  • Unique Vertical Lift Design holds jaw closed without pushing backwards
  • Dual Band Jaw Strap creates elastic and nonelastic force to minimize pressure on the jaw
  • Adjustable Mesh Cap fits over the head for greater support
  • Available in Medium and Large for each color (White/Black)

Knightsbridge Premium Dual Band Chin Strap

The Knightsbridge Premium Dual Band Chin Strap is the most effective and comfortable chin strap on the market. This chin strap holds the jaw closed which keeps the tongue pulled upwards and forwards, preventing the closing of the air passage during sleep. With this dual band chin strap, you receive double the support of a traditional chin strap without all the tension and jaw pain.

Dual Bands
This chin strap consists of a dual band jaw strap made of an elastic white band and a non-elastic blue band. The non-elastic blue band prevents the jaw from lowering while the elastic white band provides a gentle upwards force. This combined elastic-nonelastic force holds the jaw closed with minimal pressure for a comfortable and supportive fit.

Vertical Lift
Unlike standard chin straps which wrap around the tip of the chin and push the jaw back into the jaw joint, the Knightsbridge Premium Dual Band Chin Strap's vertical lift design works with the natural rotation of the jaw. Traditional chin straps exert pressure on the jaw joint, which is located just in front of the ear. Prolonged pressure on the jaw joint can be painful, which is why the Knightsbridge Premium Dual Band Chin Strap delivers a gentle upwards vertical force to keep the jaw closed without the discomfort. 


Usage Instructions

Care and Materials

Hand wash the Knightsbridge Premium Dual Band Chin Strap with warm water and mild detergent. Lay flat to air dry.

  • Cap Structural Interlining: 100% cotton
  • Cap Outer Net: 60% polyester, 40% cotton
  • Cap Inner Net: 100% polyester
  • Cap Gray Inner Trim: 80% cotton, 20% polyester
  • White Elastic Strap: 62% polyester, 38% latex
  • Blue Non-Elastic Strap: 90% cotton, 10% polyester

WARNING: Contains Latex. Not recommended for those with latex allergies.

Technical Data
KnightsBridgeWM, KnightsBridgeWL, KnightsBridgeBM, KnightsBridgeBL
Size Gauge
Item Includes

1x Knightsbridge Premium Dual Band Chin Strap in selected size and color
Instructions Sheet

Reviews (2)
Olga G 05/11/2022
5 of 5 Stars!

Subject: Best Chinstrap I have ever used!
Love, Love, Love!! This 21-component chin strap is really well made. I have tried many other chin straps over 3 years, and this one is by far the best!! Yes, you will look funny when you put this on :), but it does the job that you expect. I will stick to this one from now on.

shaun w 11/28/2022
1 of 5 Stars!

Subject: Knightsbridge PREMIUM Dual Band Chin Strap
I have used lots of different chin straps, many pushed my jaw back into the socket giving me a bit of jaw pain in the morning.

I hopped this one having two straps would work well, however when i wear this no mater any adjust I made it causes my tongue to roll back chocking me. When i wear my CPAP I was able to breath for a moment until my tongue rolled back then forced air out through my mouth.

very uncomfortable!!!

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Was looking at the knightsbridge chin strap. Your return policy states if it's used you get no refund. How am I supposed to find out if it properly fits without trying it on? WOW!!
We have a size gauge on our website ( to determine if the chinstrap fits.
Chinstraps are final sale to ensure all chinstraps we sell to customers are brand new. Nothing is "repackaged."
Do you sell the less expensive version of the Knightsbridge chin strap?
Hi there, this is the only Knightsbridge chin strap that we carry. We have other options from different manufacturers which may be more what you're looking for. Thank you.
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