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CareFusion PurSom Ultra Plus CPAP Chin Strap

CareFusion PurSom Ultra Plus CPAP Chin Strap

Model: TMS-14
  • No Prescription Required

PureSom Ultra Plus ChinStrap

A unique Breathe-O-Prene fabric is utilized in the construction of the PureSom Chin Strap which enables air flow and keeps you cool and comfortable. Breathe-O-Prene is a breathable material that actively works to keep air flowing while providing you superior support. This particular Chinstrap is designed for use with the CareFusion(Tiara) SNAPP series of Nasal Pillow mask, models 2.0 or X only

Key Features

  • Breathe-O-Prene - Unique fabric enables air flow for cool and comfortable fit
  • Tiara Universal Fit - Designed to support a SNAPP Series Pillows
  • Superior Stability - Provides added stability for a secure seal

Reviewers Tip:

Chin straps are a great solution if you find yourself opening your mouth during therapy. By ensuring your mouth stays closed during therapy, the PureSom Chin Strap enables you to receive the full benefits of CPAP therapy.


How do I maintain my chin strap?

It is recommended you hand wash your chin strap in order to extend the life span of the chin strap. Wash in warm water and air dry the chin strap away from direct sunlight.

What type of mask is best suited for a Chin Strap?

Nasal masks work best with chin straps, as chin straps hold the mouth closed promoting breathing through the nose.

Model TMS-14
SKU: 873