CareFusion PureSom Secure Breathe-O-Prene CPAP Chin Strap

CareFusion PureSom Secure Breathe-O-Prene CPAP Chin Strap

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One Size Secure Chin Strap for CPAP Therapy

Created to keep your mouth closed during CPAP therapy, this one size fits all adjustable chin strap is the perfect complement to your CPAP mask, helping to keep your mouth shut eliminating leaks during your CPAP use. The PureSom Secure Chin Strap was designed to eliminate the pressure and discomfort that comes with other chin straps, while also allowing for a customized fit thanks to the adjustable Velcro fitting. This chin strap is easy to use, as well as very secure and made of a comfortable neoprene material.

Adjustable Three Point Design

Ensures that your chin strap is correctly aligned to help support the chin with minimal amounts of pressure reducing discomfort. Velcro adjustments allow you to customize your fit every time hassle-free, while also allowing for easy removal in the morning or throughout your CPAP therapy if the need were to arise.

Key Features

  • Adjustable - Allows for a customized fit every time to increase the comfort and performance
  • Neoprene material - Reduces pressure and irritation from chin strap use
  • Secure - Keeps the mouth closed reducing the amount of leaks you have during CPAP Therapy

Reviewers Tip:

There are two different adjustment points to help you secure the best possible fit no matter your head size. You can find the first adjustment point at the crown of your head while the second can be found at the base of the neck line, giving you multiple spots where you can change your chin strap as often as you see fit to customize the perfect and most comfortable fit. This design allows for both comfort and reliability.

How do I put on the PureSom Secure Chin Strap?

It important to first put on the PureSom Secure Chin Strap before securing the CPAP mask and headgear. The PureSom Secure Chin Strap is intended to be a one-size fits most solution and is flexible, yet stable by design.


Do I need a chin strap to use a standard CPAP mask?

While chin straps are not required, some CPAP therapy users have trouble keeping their mouth closed at night during use, and therefor may want a chin strap to reduce mouth leaks and keep their face secure overnight. Chin straps are not required and may not be necessary for all CPAP users, but they are a bonus feature that can help the performance of your sleep apnea therapy.

What is the added benefit of keeping my mouth closed during CPAP therapy?

By not reducing the outflow leaks from your mouth, CPAP users have noticed a reduction in the potential drying of the nasal and throat passages that can be a side effect for some CPAP therapy users.


Model TMS-08
HCPCS Code A7036
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