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CareFusion Classic Chin Strap

Model: TMS-13
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No Prescription Required

Enhance Your CPAP Therapy With Classic Chinstrap

Chinstrap's enhance CPAP therapy by comfortably tightening the fit of the mask. By wrapping it above your ears and under your chin, the strap helps to keep the mask tight in places where any dislodging could compromise your seal and the effectiveness of your therapy. The CareFusion chin strap for sleep apnea is lightweight and soft.

Key Features

  • Easy Application
  • Comfortable Against Your Cheeks
  • Comes in Ruby Red Color

Reviewers Tip:

CareFusion Chin straps are particularly useful for patients who open their mouth while they sleep: sometimes, this jaw action can dislodge the mask, creating unwanted leaks.

Meets FDA biocompatibility standards


Can I get this in another color?

No, the strap only comes in ruby red.

Will this work with nasal pillows?

Yes, this CareFusion chin strap is compatible with nasal pillow masks.

SKU: 792