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Transcend EZEX Universal AC Power Supply with Plug Adapters

Transcend EZEX Universal AC Power Supply with Plug Adapters

Model: 503078

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*PLEASE NOTE: This device is NOT compatible with the Transcend 3 or Transcend 365.

Universal Power Supply for Transcend

This is the Universal AC Power Supply with Plug Adapters for Transcend's line of travel CPAP machines. The adapters allow you to use your transcend in several countries, while the power supply itself will charge any of Transcend's latest CPAP machines.

Power Supply Compatibility

The Transcend Universal AC Power Supply is a replacement power supply for your Transcend machine. The power supply is compatible with the Transcend Travel CPAP Machine, the EZEX Travel Machine, the Transcend Auto, as well as Transcend's 'Soft and Wearable' Travel Machine.

Plug Adapter Compatability

The Plug Adapter works with the same four devices as the power supply. It can be used to adapt to the electric outlets found in the United States and Canada; the United Kingdom; the European Union; Australia, and New Zealand.

Key Features

  • Universal Power Supply Charges Four Different Machines
  • Plug Adapters Allow For Travel to Three Continents
  • Product Includes Cord and Adapters

Reviewers Tip:

Ideal for the traveler, the Transcend Universal AC Power Supply can be packed into any of Transcend's travel CPAP bags.

Traveling with Transcend


Do you carry the 'Soft and Wearable CPAP Machine' at RespShop?

At this time, the Soft and Wearable Travel Machine is out of stock.

Can I charge my CPAP remotely with this cord?

This is an AC cord, so you will need to plug it into a wall outlet.

Where is RespShop located?

Our offices are in beautiful Redmond, Washington.



Model 503078
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